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Thread: Newly D'xd - "survival kit" ideas

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    Default Newly D'xd - "survival kit" ideas

    A friend's son was just recently diagnosed. I plan on visiting w/ in the next couple of days and want to bring the family a diabetes survival kit of sorts. Any suggestions on what to put in the goody bag?

    What did you wish you had, but didn't get at the hospital?

    Thanks for your input!
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    Juicy juice boxes, Glucose tabs, cold packs, easy to carry snacks. alcohol swabs...That's all I can think of at the moment

    Seth 17, dx'd at 7 (shots for most of 9+ years, has been on the Omnipod/Apidra for 1 year)

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    A calculator.
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    Precision xtra meter and Ketone strips-If you can afford them, if not information where to find them is also great.
    CWD site
    Pink Panther book for starters
    Small pocket size carb counting book
    gram/oz scale if you can aford it, other measuring items, cups, spoons

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    Calorie King
    list of free food ideas besides sugar-free jello
    bag of hope from JDRF

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    I loved the Bag of Hope from the your local chapter and have one sent to the mom or have it sent to you and give it to was so comforting to me when newly diagnosed and full of information!! And a cute teddy bear (Rufus the diabetes bear) for Amanda! You are a great friend.. Also the Pink Panther book about Diabetes was most helpful too..(I think that came in my bag of hope from the JDRF)
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    the Calorie King can never have too many copies! We got small supplies of the following at the hospital but wished we had more... glucose tabs, alcohol swabs ... a calculator is a great idea, small notebook and pen for writing down meals, carb counts, etc. A list of carb free, low carb snacks is wonderful! I think also the offer of babysitting (if appropriate) is very welcomed and was offered to me by a fellow D parent. I didn't take them up on it but something that I was glad to have JUST IN CASE I needed a break from being a "walking pancreas" for Molly in those first few tough weeks.
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    Really great suggestions above An calorie king book and calculator for the car has been a life saver for me because we are always on the go, and I don't think to grab those on my way out.

    Something that I really needed but didn't get from the hospital was a HUG and a shoulder to cry on from someone who really understood what it was like to have a child diagnosed with diabetes.

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    A calculator with a magnet on the back (for the fridge!)

    A list of online resources -- places to purchase cool alert bands & supply bags, lists of sites for support and information, their local chapter of the JDRF, etc.

    If you know anything about the school the child is attending, share that info (nurses, accomodations, diabetes management in the school, etc.)

    A binder to keep all printouts, blood sugar logs, doctors notes and other info in one easily-grabable place. I also have a manilla envelope in mind to gather all the receipts to use for our taxes and to submit for our flexible spending account at work.

    This is so nice of you!
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    Default Survival Kit

    For the child: a comic book, a story book, a pack of sugarless gum, and/or a loveable stuffed animal is nice. My son got a soft stuffed animal that had a pocket in it (it was actually a hand puppet stuffed animal) that he later used to put his pump in while he slept. Obviously, getting diagnosed and being in the hospital is a terribly scary experience so anything that makes the child feel better - or even temporarily distracted is good.



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