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Thread: Alternatives to IV-3000 or ways to deal with residue?

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    Question Alternatives to IV-3000 or ways to deal with residue?

    IV-3000 leaves a horrible sticky residue. Any suggestions for residue removal or better yet, residue PREVENTION? Skin Prep burned his skin and he dug at the site like crazy until he showered.

    Sure-ts on his bum do not need a site covering. But on his arms, they do, to prevent getting the tubing snagged!

    Any ideas? Does Uni-Solve or De-Solve-it burn or sting the old site? He has super sensitive skin.

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    We use UniSolve with no issues. I do make sure I clean the area well with soap and water after using it. Matisol works really well, but it is very strong.

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    Samantha uses IV prep before her set without issue. She puts a Tegaderm over her set after insertion. We have not noticed any residue from the Tegaderm and love it! Samantha has started having allergic type reactions to unisolve. And she says that it sometimes stings a little bit. But we still use it because we need it to get the set off.
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    Medi-sol user here. Big fans of the stuff. Works exactly as it should and has never irritated her skin or caused problems when used on the puncture area of infusion sets.
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    We alwas use a little piece of DuraPore tape over the site and then use Goo Gone on a Q-tip to take it off if the adhesive gets gummy (usually in the summer with sun block, salt water and pool). This is always pre-shower or tub, so we wash it right off.
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    We faithfully use De-solv-it with no complaints from Tori of it burning.
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    We use baby oil to remove DD's pods and usually there is no residue left. But if there is, the baby oil works for that too.
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    I have a little trick that really removes lots of residue beforehand. We use IV-3000, but it doesn't leave a lot of residue, it comes off very easily as well with this trick.

    I lay down a coating of skin-tac, let it semi-dry, and then place on the site and the site-hub (we use sure-t's). Then before I put on the IV-3000, I take an alchohol swab and remove all the residue around the site that the skin-tac leaves. Afterwards, when I take off the IV-3000, very little residue to be found, and I just take it off with "remove" or unisolve. I use unisolve to remove the site and the site hub itself. Those circular areas underneath have the most residue and they come off with the unisolve.

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    we use flexifix and remover, if needed.. most of the time we don't need any remover for the flexifix..
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    Quote Originally Posted by mph View Post
    Does Uni-Solve or De-Solve-it burn or sting the old site? He has super sensitive skin.
    You named my top two favorite removers at this time. De-Solv-It does not burn, BUT it does irritate SOME kids skin. It's cheap enough to try it- IMO. I have a couple products on order that I'm going to try, if I think they work, or if I like them better, I'll let you know.
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