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Thread: How to get a Rufus Bear?

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    Smile How to get a Rufus Bear?

    I was wondering how to go about getting Tessa a Rufus bear? When she was first diagnosed (7/04), she was only 18 mos old, we were visiting my sister near St. Louis, and started with one endo group there, and after 2 weeks came home to another endo group. Our diabetic teaching was done by the St. Louis group, and I don't ever remember hearing about Rufus.
    Now that I've read some posts about children having one, and Tessa being 3yrs old---I know she'd love one. Where do I get one?? Thanks!

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    Smile Rufus and Ruby

    Get touch with your local JDRF office and ask for a bag of HOPE. They should be able to get you one. Also if that fails e-mail me, i maybe able to get one for ya.
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    Default Don't buy one!

    JDRF gives a Bag of Hope full of good stuff, and Rufus or Ruby (some also do the girl bear) are included. Contact your local JDRF, and they may send a host family out to visit, or they will mail you one.

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    Go on the JDRF website and you can sign up for one on there. We did about 5 weeks ago and they sent ours out within a week, my son loves the video that came with it he shows it to everyone that comes over. It also came with a free Accu Chek Aviva meter which was great cause thats what we use.

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    I'm guessing I can't get one for Ben as we're not US citizens????????

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    I'm pretty sure it is an international organization. Email one of the random chapters and ask. it doesn't hurt

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