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Thread: Major upgrade of CWD Forums

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    Default Major upgrade of CWD Forums

    I completed a major upgrade of the CWD Forums software this morning. There are some new capabilities that I'm learning about, such as social bookmarking, and I'll get those things working as soon as I figure everything out.

    Updating with a summary of some of the new features:

    1. Thread Tagging - create keywords for your posts. Facilitates finding messages on similar topics; Tags become part of a global "tag cloud"

    2. Thread Prefixes - Preceeds a subject, admin created topics like "Injections", "Pumps", "CGM". I'm working on a list.

    3. Buddy Lists - just what it sounds like

    4. User Picture Galleries - Associated with your user account. Right now, moderation is not enabled, but I reserve the right to enable image moderation if there is an issue.

    5. User-Created Social Groups - Make a group for friends, such as "College Parents," "Soccer Moms," etc.

    6. Social Bookmarking - Digg,, StumbleUpon, and Google by default. Email me if you'd like me to add others.

    In the meantime, please PM me if you have any problems.
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    Thanks Jeff! I appreciate these boards so much!
    Mom to Ryan, , 15 dx'd with Type 1 D 1/23/06
    and Hunter, 6
    Dh Bill Married 19 years

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    Thanks for everything you do Jeff.

    Looking forward to learning about the new features. It's hard to imagine this can be improved!

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    Thanks!! I added pics of my kids. I have to upload this years school pics to this comp before I can add them.

    Mom of Jim 21 y.o. son
    Joey 14 y.o. son newly dx'ed Type 1 (1/9/08 - age 12) Lantus/ Hemalog
    8 y.o. twins Donovan & Elaine
    proud wife of Mike - veteran Marine

    I dont have hot flashes. I have daily mini tropical vacations!
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    TAGS!! FABULOUS!!! Makes searching so much easier.

    thank you for everything!

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    Thank you! I especially like easier ways to search for topics from previous threads.

    Mom of Connor - 12, T-1, dx 11/6/06, MDI, Novolog & Lantus
    Mom of Grant - 10, impaired OGTT and positive for 2 autoantibodies, TrialNet Teplizumab study starting 8/4/14
    Brian (husband) is 41, T-1, dx age 15, MDI, Humalog & Lantus

    "Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another, 'What! You, too? Thought I was the only one.'" - C.S. Lewis

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    Thanks Jeff.

    Did you ever consider an RSS feed? it would be very helpful for me. When I do not have time I could skim my reader rather than the site.

    Keep up here is not easy and this would help a lot.
    Our Full House:

    J, age 14
    Victoria, age 12, dx'd 10-06, MM 722 03-09
    Lana, age 9
    E, age 5

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    Thank for the RSS feed Jeff.

    I am sure it will be a great help to a lot of people
    Our Full House:

    J, age 14
    Victoria, age 12, dx'd 10-06, MM 722 03-09
    Lana, age 9
    E, age 5

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