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    I saw something recently about pump leasing.
    It would be the same way you lease a car, but of course, your insurance company would help...
    There would be a co-pay, but you could trade up fast, and change brands all you wanted...

    Does anyone have any thoughts on this, and does anyone have any ideas on where I might have read about this? I cant remember.
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    I saw this on an older DiabetesMine:

    Truthfully, I don't know why they don't offer it either. Most other medical devices are not sold to the patient outright - you rent them, so why should a pump be any different? This would work wonderfully for a family who just wasn't sure if pumping was going to be what they wanted long term. The difference here I suppose, is that the assumption is that you'll always need the pump. It's not like renting a wheelchair for temporary use. So maybe the pump companies just figure there isn't a market for it.


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