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Thread: Did Type 1 change or make decision to have more children?

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    Default Did Type 1 change or make decision to have more children?

    Not that we are or were planning anymore (3 is just right for us) but I am just curious if the dx of type 1 has effected the decision to have or not have more children?
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    Default Yes......

    HI. Honestly, yes, I think maybe it has changed my mind about having more kids. I always wanted three but since diagnosis, I really don't think I could handle another one! Just the stress and expenses make it difficult. But I would also have yet another child to worry about wether or not they would be t1 too. I might change my mind again later. We are still new at this so who knows!
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    I have four and would love another one! My "baby" is three and I so miss that teeny-ness already. I get really sick when I am pregnant, so that is a huge factor in being content with four. Diabetes adds its own amount of stress, but I would never want my daughter with diabetes to think we didn't have anymore because of something she can't/couldn't control (having diabetes). Having more then one child with diabetes is always a possibility, but not a given. I've often thought about the possibility of a baby brother or sister contributing to a cure someday (cord blood).
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    Not exactly.

    I do remember that for about a year before Jacob was diagnosed (diagnosed at age 3 1/2) I was completely wanting to have a second child. Finances kept that from happening. When Jacob was in the hospital I pretty much accepted that having a second child was never going to happen being that I did not see how we were going to manage the added financial strain of diabetes but with me still able to stay home with Jacob. Financial things settled a bit but still I had to choose between staying home with Jacob or going to work and using daycare for Jacob and a second child. I chose the first (I work from home now but things are still very tight).

    If we could afford to have a second child with me able to stay home with him/her then I would love to. I would be concerned about the possibility of diabetes but I honestly believe that I would have the second child anyway.

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    Maybe - I always wanted more, and now that it is a possibility - I think I don't! (nope - not preggers - just having the convo!) Although - honestly - I don't think it is necessarily the fear of the child getting diabetes - it is more the fear of the time consumption and how could I juggle it!
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    I was 5 months pregnant when Ainsley was diagnosed. My pregnancies were not fun and we weren't planning for anymore after this one. However, had we not been pregnant with #2 when she was diagnosed, we would not have had #2. I guess our timing worked for a reason.
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    My husband and I have talked about a 3rd child for awhile until Samuel (20 mths) was DX this past Jan 29th. We were concerned about finances then and more so now with the added medical expenses. If we have a 3rd we will definetly choose the cord blood option. The thought of having another child with type 1 does concern us but as we learn more about this I think we are both not as concerned as we used to be.

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    Yes, it definitely has...after my 2nd one was born (non-d) I thought about having a 3rd child...but when my 1st son, Ian, was dx shortly after, I buried that thought.

    I worry about my youngest one getting Type 1, and don't know how I could go through a pregnancy with that worry also in my mind...perhaps I'll regret it later...who knows?!
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    I think this is only my 2nd post so hopefully it works. When my son was diagnosed 1 month shy of his 2yr b-day in Oct 07 I said I do not want anymore kids, no way! I have always wanted to at least 3 kids. After a month my dh and I decided to start trying again(we had been trying prior to D dx.)we weren't going to let diabetes ruin our family plans and keep Cooper from having brothers and sisters. We got pregnant in December and the new baby is due in September! We are very very excited! So to answer your question, D changed our minds for a month about family plans.
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    It would not at all affect my decision to have further children.

    I am sure I would worry, but it wouldn't stop you think it should affect OUR children and wether or not they choose to have children ?

    I PRAY it doesn't and I'm glad it didn't occur to my FIL that he shouldn't have children.....or I wouldn't have mine today
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