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    I just noticed that my neighbors across the street have respite care for their daughter who has a number of physical limitations. Apparently it is covered by insurance.

    Does anyone do this for diabetes? And if so, how did you find a provider? I would dearly love to get some sleep once in a while.
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    We have considered something similiar to this in the past. When Emma's having issues that require an IV, the hospital just seems to make her sicker, so I wanted to use a home-health agency to come over and start the IV at home. I was told no doc in the world will want to put a small child with diabetes under their supervision in a home-health situation.
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    Is there anyone you feel that is "trainable"? There are a few moms in Sam's class who get it and will check him at night during sleepovers, they do call us to let us know what is up though.
    Our minimed rep's son is in Sam's class, he has spent the night there as the rep also wears the pump so he knows what is up---last time he even had dd spend the night----great treat!!
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    We don't have family close by and I have pretty much exhausted my options in terms of people I already know who might help.

    I do have a neighbor who has her over for playdates now and again and I do appreciate that. And of course my husband and I take turns getting up in the night, but we could really use a bit of a break.

    I have been talking up camp a lot, but she is steadfast in her opposition.

    I was really hoping that I might have found an angle that would work!
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    I used to be a respite care coordinator a few years back, I worked with the mentally and physically disabled for three years. Let me say this: There is no way on God's green earth I would use this option. The staff can't even keep regular meds straight half of the time. There are few and far between that really care and are capable.

    We are in the same possition as you are with no family around. I get up at night all of the time myself however I don't work outside of my home. It would be a great angle if all people were like the one's on this board but it is just not the case. You are looking at under paid workers with very few qualifications for the most part. I was over qualified but loved my work. Again not many out there.


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    This is a crazy post I litereally just got off the phone with someone who was saying to use respit care for my ds..
    I very politely declined but they said it is used for D also..
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    Well it would be nice to get a break, diabetes really isn't nearly as debilitating as the conditions I've seen handled through respite.

    Also, for people that get IV's at home, it's usually because they are stable but will need IV's for extended periods, such as for several months of IV antibiotics for a MRSA infection. Usually if a diabetic needs an IV it's because they are unstable and it's for short term use.


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