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Thread: Brand New OmniPod User

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    Exclamation Brand New OmniPod User

    Yesterday was Sean's big day. He had his OmniPod hooked up after sitting in a box for a week, he was a little excited to say the least.
    We decided on the omnipod for several reasons. First, he is an active kid and does not need to worry about tubing or disconnecting. Second, he loves to swim and although we live in Pennsylvania he swims year round(we have two indoor waterparks nearby). The idea of disconnecting and connecting while swimming with a traditional pump or playing sports was reason enough to choose the omnipod.
    The pod itself is not as small as it appears but it is also not large enough to be uncomfortable.
    Some people have said that a downside to it is that you need to carry the controller (PDA like device) to use the omnipod, that is true. But how is this a downside? You also have to carry the pump unit with a traditional insulin pump as well as your glucose meter. With the omnipod the controller has the glucose meter built into it, so when you take your blood and add your carbs it tells you how much insulin you should take.
    If you should loose the controller the pod connected to your body will continue to deliver background insulin until the pod expires.
    Today was also his first day at Diabetes camp which is free and sponsored by the local hospital and diabetes center and within 10 minutes the hospital staff and volunteers were alreading checking it out and telling him how cool it is. Which is a big deal to a 13 y/o boy concerned about his apperance.
    I'll let you know how it progresses as we use it more. Tonight he is fasting to make sure his background insulin is being delivered at the right levels.
    Feel free to contact me with any questions!

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    Congratulations!! I am so jealous We're in Texas and they can't tell us how long we will have to wait before they are available here. Please keep us updated on how he likes it. I'm sure from all the positive attention he got at camp, he's in heaven!

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    Well, we found out a few things the hard way. First pay attention during training and read the manual a few times!!!
    Sean had his pulled off during football yesterday(omnipod said stomach placement isn't the best spot for contact sports)
    We then tried to activate a new pod and it failed, we tried activating another pod and that one failed. Ah-oh, I was thinking we made a bad choice. After a frantic call to the insulet corp, I found out it was user error.
    We didn't deactivate the old pod AND did not fill the pod with at least 85 units of insulin. Omnipod tech support is AWESOME, they even offered to send us replacement pods at no charge.
    Some thoughts about the Pod:
    The controller(PDA device) is almost idiot proof and so simple to use. I love the fact that it has a food diary, but what I love even more is that it has a user food log that you can add foods you eat and the carbs associated with them. We have already added Seans favorite N.Y. Cheesecake slice, his favorite Rita's water ice and his favorite slice of pizza from the local pizza place.
    I am concerned though about the pod coming off during high impact sports. I was advised to wrap the area the pod is in with an ace bandage, so we will see how that goes.

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    One more note, for any of you hesitant about the omnipod because of pricing, etc. They do offer a 30 day trial on the omnipod. Each pod costs 30.00, the first controller is $800.00 additional controllers are $300.00.
    Monthly omnipod cost is 10 pods x 30.00 = $300.00
    They will work with people who have no insurance or limited coverage. Please keep in mind I am in S.E. Pennsylvania and I don't know if they offer the same thing everywhere the omnipod is available.

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    Wow you guys are really going to put it to the test with football! I can't wait to see how it fares. If the pods make it through that test, the first grade playground should no problem. Please keep us updated. Since I can't get my hands on one for a trial anytime soon, I'm living vicariously through others

    Thanks for all the great info.
    Mom to Mason, 6

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    Yet another awesome, motivating and uplifting post! Yay!!! Thanks for posting your experience, please keep it coming!!!
    Proud Mom to:
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    How would your son rate the pain associated with the pod insertion? On a scale from 1 to 10 with 10 being "give me some morphine pain" Just curiuos as there was mention on another thread of pod pain.

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    Well. the insertion of the cannula he said would be a 3, but it's over in a second. he said it's like someone flicked you with a finger.
    He has a problem with the adhesive irritating his skin. We now use iv pads on his skin and put the pod on top of that.
    We found he likes the pod on the small of his back the best.

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    Quick update - 3 days of swimming and waterslides and the pod is still attached. Time to put on a new pod tonight. So far so good!

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    Great! Thanks for the update. Sounds like you guys are giving it a good try out with football and water slides! We have a fantastic waterpark about an hour from here (Schlitterbahn) and Mason is going to be old enough soon to start the big rides. I can't wait


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