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willie's mom
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May 5, 2015
Oct 21, 2009
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middle school teacher

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willie's mom

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May 5, 2015
    1. willie's mom
      willie's mom
      My son, Will, was diagnosed 12/20/2009. It was extremely sad to overhear him telling someone that he got diabetes for Christmas. We are going to begin pumping this December and we are so excited.
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    middle school teacher
    Who has diabetes?:
    One child
    Does your family have celiac?:
    Mother of 2 awesome boys

    love being outside


    Mom of two awesome boys
    and Wife of a terrific guy
    Daniel 16 years positive for antibodies with TrialNet studies
    Will 11 years old dx 12-20-08
    Pumping with MM 722 on 12/8/09-11/4/2013:cool: Mio insets
    Pumping 11/2013 T-Slim with Inset 30:D
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