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Apr 4, 2018
    1. TheFormerLantusFiend
      In light of the thread started by Mrs Russman, I want to share with you these articles:

      In this study of Japanese adults comparing those with adult onset and childhood onset type 1 diabetes (probably including some LADA people in the first group), I'd like you to look particularly at table 2a: http://www.jstage.jst.go.jp/article/endocrj/55/6/1025/_pdf

      This study looks only at Polish children more than a couple of years past diagnosis (probably not many honeymooners) and is more interesting for what it shows as normal on the low end than the high end. I think they overestimated the insulin used by MDIers because they went by how much is prescribed:

      The last study is not a large scale study and doesn't concern type 1s, but it does give some data on a group of patients using high doses of insulin. Look at the chart at the end of the paper! http://aace.metapress.com/content/b77744207k254366/fulltext.pdf
    2. kgerrick
      Hi Wilf,

      Just thought I'd say hi hope all is well with you and your family there in Canada! I am looking forward to the snow!! Which I love! We just had one of the coolest Sept. on record but the past few days came back up to high 70's and sunny! My daughter is doing really really well! She is having a very good honey moon phase. We had an endo appt. a few weeks ago and her a1c was 5.9!!! She has just grabbed the bull by the horns with this thing. She takes her insulin and meter everywhere she goes now with out me proding her. I still ask if she has everything and I will continue to do that of course!! lol!! I'm proud of her! I hope all is well with your daughter too! Take care!
    3. kgerrick
      Oh okay. I'm leaning towards not needing to do a 504 because from what I'm reading it seems it is the next step if you're having problems with school staff not understanding how diabetes works and what needs to be done. The last few weeks she had after diagnosis went smoothly. She had a box filled with snacks, juice, glucose, glucagon and extra supplies in the office and her insulin in the office. They were accommodating. How's the weather up there? We have had some very hot, muggy days and I can't wait for Fall and Winter!! I love the snow! Take Care!!
    4. kgerrick
      Hi Wilf,

      Just thought I'd say hi! My daughter is doing real good right now. We have lowered her Lantus to 5 units now and the humalog is 1:20. I'm hoping the honeymoon lasts a long time. I also have a question, have you had a 504 in place at school for your daughter? Caitlin is going back to school (8th grade) Aug. 25 and I was wondering if I should call the school and put 504 in place for her. What do you think?
    5. wilf
      Hey pal, no worries and nothing to apologize for. There's a kernel of truth about the FDA process down there, that you were trying to get at. I was just responding to the response to your post, not to yours at all. But the thread has moved on, which is good. I have to say I'm concerned about the implications for science of major research being funded directly by individual donors - Dr. Faustman is walking (successfully so far!) a very narrow line and I wish her the best of luck..
    6. Lisa P.
      Lisa P.
      Thank you so much for trying to read my post in the best light despite how it was interpreted. I'm sorry the thread got so convoluted and sorry if you felt pulled in in any way. I should have known better than to post, I'll use better judgment in future, and again I apologize if my posting in any way negatively impacted you.
    7. wilf
      I think it is worth it for all of us to do our best to cut others some slack, and to try to keep our posts positive and constructive.

      Let's face it - most parents on this site are stressed trying to cram too much into too few hours with not enough resources or support. We never know when someone is having a really bad day, so to my mind if we can make their experience here a positive one then that is sure worth the small effort it may cost us..
    8. Lisa P.
      Lisa P.
      Just fyi, I had noted a recurring commitment (are either of those words spelled right?) in your posts to keep it clean and keep it friendly, although I never noticed much infraction before, and it's clear you're sticking to your word to date. Unless I missed a post. . . !
    9. grantsmom
      Hi Wilf!

      Well you are my second friend request and I just went in and I hope accepted it the right way. Please let me know if I did not!

      I really do appreicate your input. If I can keep his numbers more in range till we meet with the educator on MDI and the pump I will be thrilled.

      I will just PM you at the end of the day again and let you know how the numbers looked. I am going to test at the intervals you suggested.

      Have a great day!
    10. StillMamamia
      Thank you so much, Wilf, for the kind words. :)
    11. lisanc
      you seem very knowledgable and several threads on splitting lantus ... my daughter has afternoon highs around 2-4PM and takes lantus every night around 8PM (5 units) ... i talked to endo today and suggested that we split the dose ... she agreed 2.5 units at night 2.5 units at morning ... do you thinking splitting lantus is best?? thanks ... Lisa
    12. wilf
      Very glad I could be there with a little advice/input. You're doing great! Already caught a first low and treated it successfully. :)
    13. lycaonia
      Thank you so much , for helping me understand better.
    14. wilf
      Glad that she's in good hands - must have been quite a scare.
    15. linda
      Yes it was quick and scary-we did the dip too, and it was BLACK!! We think the nausia was the keytones, not a flu symptom, she was dehydrated again, this flu hit her hard and fast! But the fluids and dextrose helped, she didnt get up or even act responsive for 16 hours in ICU was very scary, endo raised basel, though and now fighting lows
    16. linda
      by the time we reached ER there reading was "critical High"....admitted quicker then you can say ketones..great picu doc had under control with orders for dextrose, novalog etc. Thank god for them. Even though at this 5 years, still need good docs
    17. linda
      Hi-Yes we agree she did everything she needed too. We just couldnt "wait" until she woke up to know if she were safe. Sleeping in a room with a bunch of teens wouldnt have helped her if she were 40 or less. Our fears took over...we will try to come better agreement. Thanks!!
    18. JJsMomma
      hey, I didn't know you already had a Cnd group going....should we merge them??????
    19. WhoDat
      Thanks for your note ..I really appreciate it! :)
    20. Omo2three
      Montana was absolutely beautiful, the sky is so big. We had a wonderful time climbing mountains. Ambrea did great, some minor lows, but she loves to snack so no biggie.
      I would recommend Glacier national park to everyone.
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