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Jan 4, 2014
Nov 6, 2007
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Jan 4, 2014
    1. Lisa P.
      Lisa P.
      Oh, and I have no personal knowledge of this program at all, but I've heard it's done great things for some families. Just that it's a very hopeful place when you're down. I'm guessing you've already seen it, but just in case not, here's a link.
    2. Lisa P.
      Lisa P.
      Didn't want to post on your thread, but I believe LantusFiend is diagnosed with both type 1 and aspbergers. I started reading his threads a couple years ago, when he was pretty young, if you look back at all his posts over the years -- wow, he's impressive. Think it might give you a boost.
      He also has a really unique take on the idea of "disability" or medical conditions, etc. that has really helped me form the way I look at Selah's diabetes.
      Hope that helps.
    3. Judy&Alli
      Hi Wendy! Keep smiling!!!!!!
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    Asheville, NC
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    Mom to Alex, age 11, dx'd 3/07, Pumping on MM since 10/07. Waiting for upgrade to 530G and Enlite sensors. Used MM CGMS for 3 years--- stopped because it was a pain in the neck. Hopeful for Enlites.

    Mom to Ethan, age 12, Non-D, no antibodies but HIGH risk per PANDA study, Autism Spectrum Disorder

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