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Sep 15, 2015
    1. Mary Lou
      Mary Lou
      We are leaving today after gymnastics, so it's a late start. We definitely have the mystery pillows packed! They are making lots of car trips more fun. We live in the middle of nowhere and have to drive to everything!!!

      Did you have fun at the EX? I love things like that!!
    2. Jensmami
      No, I have not received any sensors yet. I will let you know when I get them.
    3. Mary Lou
      Mary Lou
      I'm glad you are having fun at the cabin! I am so jealous ( :

      Ohio will be okay. B's parents are very old and there isn't much for the kids to do, but we'll figure it out and it will be fine.

      I'd be a little annoyed, too, with multiple hand-held games. make the need to buy expensive games cartridges too high!

      I'll check on our sensor supply when we get back from Ohio. I really appreciate the ones you send me !!

      Well, I gotta go drive Berni to work, as the truck needs to be serviced before the trip. We are driving and it is about a 12-hour trip. We usually stay overnight somewhere to break it up.

      Take care! What lake is your cabin at?
    4. Mary Lou
      Mary Lou
      Wow!! Congrats on the A1Cs. I was pretty happy with ours, too: Brian 6.7, Andrew 6.6. I was doing a little happy dance, believe you me!!

      Andrew is wearing the sensor. It took a little bribery, but he did it and we are so very proud of him. It is great to get the full picture that the sensor gives you. I actually have hope that we might get to sleep again in the foreseeable future ( :

      We are doing okay on sensors for now, as Andrew's CGMS was also sent with some. They really do last a long time! I will let you know when supplies are running low, though, as with two, I can certainly use all the help I can get (but who am I talking to? Two must seem like a fond memory!!)

      4 hours is a long time -- did Luke go along, too? Did they play their hand-held games?

      Hope your summer is going great. We're gearing up for a trip to OHio to camp and visit Berni's family.
    5. Mary Lou
      Mary Lou
      We use the BD strips, but if someone needs them more, our RX is for 400 per month, per boy, so we usually have extras, too.

      another parent here on the board sent me their CGMS that didn't work out for their child. Insurance had paid for it and it was collecting dust. I figured that with 3 of you in the house, you may need all the transmittors and equipment you can get, just in case something goes haywire.

      How did the endo appointment go? We have a double tomorrow morning at 8 am, YUCK! With traffic, we'lll have to leave very early...

      I hope you had fun at the lake! Brian doesn't have his phone, yet, he has been borrowing mine and loves it. We ordered his online as the account is in hubby's name and I can't walk into the store myself. We changed that, too!!

      Have a great night!
    6. Mary Lou
      Mary Lou
      I like your new user name!! When I first read it I thought it said, "TripleTREAT" ( :

      well, we had Andrew's big party on SAturday and it was a great time. Andrew himeself was a little overwhelmed every now and again, but overall it was great.

      I'm glad the boys liked the things we sent. I hope you don't mind the sweets, they are classic New England treats and I thought they could have them for their treatment jars.

      Seems like summer is racing by, I can't believe it's already mid-July. We are heading to Ohio to visit my hubby's family next week and it will be good to get out of the house a bit. Today is raining, but we are headed back to the gym this afternoon, anyway.

      Take care!
    7. Mary Lou
      Mary Lou
      Glad to hear the movie is great. The boys are dying to go and we all can't wait.

      I know exactly what you are talking about with the bags. We made similar things in school with plastic pop bottles, bird seed and little things to find. I can't wait to see the bags. They sounds like something the boys will really enjoy!! Thank you!

      Well, we finally have clear skies, although storms are supposed to return this afternoon, so we are heading out to the beach to meet some friends with a picnic lunch and some time at the water. I REALLY need to do something that feels like summer!!

      Enjoy your day!
    8. Mary Lou
      Mary Lou
      You truly are one of the sweetest people I know. It is funny and very heartwarming to see the kids extending kindnesses to others that have to be a little abstract to them. We were at the pharmacy picking up an RX for Andrew's ear infection and he picked out the three little stuffed animals for your guys (along with one for himself and Brian, too).

      I love your birthday tradition. I usually make little surprise bags for when we fly home, but never thought to carry it into other areas. I will have to remember that!

      Have you seen Wall-E yet? We are going on Wednesday, after dinner at Burger King (the one with the playplace) and then ice-cream cake at home. This is Andrew's birthday request and while the rest of us really dont' like fast food, it is his birthday, so we will happily go.
    9. Mary Lou
      Mary Lou
      Hi! I thought I posted you a message yesterday. Did you get it? WE've been having lots of thunderstorms, I wonder if it didn't make it...

      At any rate, I'm sticking a box in the mail for you today. The boys have been picking up things for your boys and I'm finally getting it in the mail. Keep an eye out, I don't know how long it will take ( :

      We loved Hairspray!! Very funny. John Travolta is a brave man ( :

      I hope you took a pic of Timmy sleeping in the chair. I love the way kids konk out.

      We are taking Berni in to the doc today, hopefully it is nothing serious.

      take care!
    10. Midwestmomma
      Just wanted to say HI to you...
    11. Brensdad
      Just stopping by to say hi. So.........."HI!"
    12. Mary Lou
      Mary Lou
      I'm glad to hear everyone is great. We've been dealing with a lot of crazy #'s, too, but last night was finally good. I am sure you will have a blast at the water park!! Tomorrow is the boys' last half-day and I'm taking them to a theme park as a surprise once they get home. I can't wait, even though I know they'll be begging for cotton candy and all sorts of evil foods from the place!!

      The anniversary was okay. Thank you for asking. I think it was harder a few weeks ago (right before you called). Andrew didn't want to do anything to mark the day, so hubby and I just quietly noticed.

      Brian goes to camp in August (11 - 17, I think). We are backpacking in the White Mountains not this weekend, but the next.

      Enjoy the water park!!!
    13. Mary Lou
      Mary Lou
      Thanks. I just talked to him about it, as we are getting ready to put a new one in, and after much beating around the bush he finally said that he likes to keep his "stuff" hidden. Oh well...maybe another day ( :

      Have a good night!
    14. Mary Lou
      Mary Lou
      He's nervous about all his "muscles" in his arm ( : But I also wonder with all the physical training he does at the gym, if it would be uncomfortable or pull out. He does hundred of chin-up, pull-up, etc., each week...

      Maybe he would just try. I also wonder if he'd rather keep it somewhere "hidden".

      Enjoy your scrapbooking!!
    15. Mary Lou
      Mary Lou
      Thank you! i will definitely drive safe, or what passes for safe with the crazy drivers of Boston!

      Brian wanted a cake for year 1, but we didn't do anything other than talk about it a bit for subsequent years. When I mentioned to Andrew that it's been nearly a year he said, "Diabetes is stupid. I hate diabetes. Did Brian REALLY want a cake?"

      No worries on the bedtime! Brian was indeed sound asleep by the time I got off the phone and Andrew was, too.

      Thanks again for the skins, I'll let you know the boys' reactions, but they will be excited.

      It was good to hear from you, thank you for taking the time and for thinking of me.

      have a good night!
    16. Mary Lou
      Mary Lou
      Well, the field trip was today and MAN, was it hot. Temp reached 97!! At least there was some cloud cover and a bit of breeze. The kids had fun catching insects and water critters. Andrew caught a dragonfly, a butterfly and tadpoles and baby damsel flies (also water creatures). Very fun.

      The boys aren't out of school until June 19th, but it seems like everyday is a party or special event. I'm sure it's fun for the kids, but it is making for some very crazy blood sugars. Right AFTER snack today, the Spanish teacher had a "fiesta" with sugared lemonade, corn chips, etc. I'm a little annoyed at the lack of notification, to be honest.

      How was your weekend?

      BTW -- I'm staring at the pile of mail and it looks like the skins are in it. I haven't opened it yet, but I see your address ( : Thank you! I'll let the boys check it out tomorrow.

      How are you and Timmy doing? You've been on my mind a lot lately. Guess the 1 year anniversary has me thinking of Dx'd, and of you, too.

      I am heading down to Boston tomorrow to spend the day with a girlfriend of mine. I am excited about that, as I haven't really felt like socializing lately. Maybe my funk is lifting, I can only hope so.

      well, I got set changes in the works, so I will run. Take care and we'll chat soon.
    17. KeltonsMom
      I need to learn how to ignore them and not allow them to get to me..Mean people suck..oops sorry but they do.
    18. Mary Lou
      Mary Lou
      I'm sure the boys would love them if you can't use them. Are you all on the 722?

      Brian seems much better and is now running around outside with Andrew. Go figure! Thankfully, no ketones at all, so I really think he must've eaten something that was a little off.

      I know what you mean about getting pictures. Walk day feels like herding cats!
    19. kiwikid
      Thank you for hosting this album of kids and their pumps. Rachel looks at it often and we're hoping to try a belly site sometime soon.
    20. Mary Lou
      Mary Lou
      We've been practicing the bolus adjustment based on a chart that "Twinklet" posted last week and it has made a huge difference. Did you see it? I can forward it to you if you didn't.

      Geo-caching is exactly what you guessed. People hide weather-proof containers with a log-book and little treasures inside and then post the coordinates on the net. We use a handheld GPS unit to find it, enter our names and comments in the book, take treasures and leave treasures. It was a lot of fun for all of us. I have been doing laundry for days and am very far from being done.

      My friend has one of those slides. They look like a LOT of fun. I bet your boys will love it!

      did you like INdiana JOnes? My boys are anxious to see it. Was it okay for kids?
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