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Sep 15, 2015
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Sep 15, 2015
    1. Mary Lou
      Mary Lou
      I am SO relieved to hear that. I have been very worried. Thanks for the update.
    2. Mary Lou
      Mary Lou
      The camp sounds like fun. I love your approach of treating it like a sick day, I'll have to remember that! I hope you were able to relax a little!!!
    3. Mary Lou
      Mary Lou
      Brian likes hockey, but we never have time to watch anything on tv. Who are they playing?
    4. lil'Man'sMom
      Thank-you for giving me the latest on Mary Lou. I am so glad things are going well...she is a great lady. When/if you speak with her again let her know I was asking about her.

      Have a great week!
    5. Midwestmomma
      HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!! Hope all is well with you and your family.
    6. Christopher
      Hope you have a great holiday season :)
    7. Tigerlilly's mom
      Tigerlilly's mom
      Thanks for the offer, I will keep that in mind. Tyler wasn't bothered by insertion of the quicksets, so hopefully once we are up and running with insulin we won't have any problems with them
    8. Tigerlilly's mom
      Tigerlilly's mom
      Thanks for the link to the infusion sets - : )
    9. Mary Lou
      Mary Lou
      The boys are going to be thrilled to hear that your boys will be there, too!! Now I really can't wait!! Sorry for not being in touch sooner about our trip. My friends in Calgary really did all the arranging and stuff. I forget which rooms we are booked for, but they all sound really nice on their webiste. Have you stayed there before?
    10. Mary Lou
      Mary Lou
      Wow. Well, those are the same dates that we are at Sunshine! Are you staying at the Sunshine Village Lodge? We can just find each other there! How cool is that?!
    11. Mary Lou
      Mary Lou
      It is so silly that you can't get them mailed to you directly. But, please, feel free to use my address for that, I'm more than happy to send things on. Where in the mountains will you be?
    12. Mary Lou
      Mary Lou
      i was just looking at our sensor supply and while it isn't exactly LOW, we have had quite a few lately that went bad sooner than expected, so yes you can always send a package our way (with or without sensors!!)

      I've missed talking to you. How is everything going?
    13. Mary Lou
      Mary Lou
      have an awesome time tomorrow!!! We are all so jealous and happy for you. Take lots of pictures. Have good numbers and safe journey!!
    14. Mary Lou
      Mary Lou
      Thanks for the message. I'm glad the box made it in time for your trip. i will be interested in hearing how it works for your rafting trip. Your trip was actually the inspiration to take our canoe trip, when we saw the billboard on our way to our condo, I thought of you and thought that it did sound like fun! No whitewater around here this time of year, but the same river does have rapids in the spring and early summer.

      We're settling into school just fine, finally! I hope all is well at your end, too.
    15. hold48398
    16. Mary Lou
      Mary Lou
      HA HA!! I'm just having a little snack before bed, myself (cereal & milk). We ALWAYS have a "set change treat", and it is usually ice-cream, too ( : And, you know, I seriously believe that every kid has the right to treats and ice-cream. Not in a unresponsible way, and not when # are skyrocketing to begin with, but kids gotta be kids! I was kind of relieved to hear Timmy asking for ice-cream, to tell you the truth!

      My kids always know when it's a set change day and they will remind me and are quite annoyed when I decide to go one extra day for whatever reason. Besides, ice-cream has rarely affected the boys in a bad way.

      Naturally I say that and Andrew's 11 pm check just revealed he was 290 (16), so something is up. I hope his site is okay.

      I'm off to bed, Berni is up. I'll likely need to be waking up soon...

      Here's wishing for good #s your way...
    17. Mary Lou
      Mary Lou
      Hi! Swimming lessons are going great, except we seem to be having the coldest and rainiest summer ever. We left Brian at camp today and it is supposed to rain and thunderstorm all week. I hope it doesn't, but I'm sure he will make the best of it even if it does. Thanks for the heads up on the multiple groups, I did join, too. Do you still have any extra sensors floating around? If so, we could use a few this way. When does school start for you? The boys go back on the 28th, but we are seriously considering enrolling Andrew in a private Montessori school this year, so that's a big thing around the house these days. Hope you are all happy and well. I love to scrapbook and admire your ability to squeeze it in. I still am working on Brian's "baby" book and don't have a thing started for Andrew yet!
    18. Christopher
      Thanks for the friend add...:cwds:
    19. Mary Lou
      Mary Lou
      That can be a very freaky experience to lose a little one. Glad he turned up so quickly, although 10 minutes can seem like forever!

      Our trip was good, for the most part. We are happy to be home. Boys start swim lessons in the morning.
    20. luvmy3mckennas
      Hello thanks for the friends request.. I dont mind at all :) Hope that you and your family have a great weekend...
      Irina~ in Maine..
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