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Jul 25, 2014
Feb 5, 2007
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Jul 25, 2014
    1. Eboy's mom
      Eboy's mom
      Hey girl ..... things dont slow down ......... I am soooooooooo tired .. how are you and the family doing? I havent had time to call anyone.. but, I hope you are well and call me sometime... cya
    2. Caydens_Mommy
      Tracy, I LOVE YOU.. This too shall pass!! You are doing a wonderful job, you know as well as I do D is so unpredictable.. Keep your head up, Hollywood is thinking of you@@
    3. Caydens_Mommy
      Well that just stinks, sorry that Britt has ketones now!! Doesnt that make you just want to scream!! I hope she gets rid of them soon!!
    4. Eboy's mom
      Eboy's mom
      Hi Tracy, Its been crazy ..... I will call u 2moro and let you know what they did after I left the school.............call u 2moro
    5. Caydens_Mommy
      I see you!! :)
    6. Judy&Alli
      I'll take one of those shirts too!!!!!! Seems like we are on the same ketone schedule, give or take a few days!
    7. Eboy's mom
      Eboy's mom
      Was checking out the email that was sent earlier containing legislative rights in the public schools.
    8. dragonblimps_mom
      Tracy, I just sent you a PM.

      Mary Catherine (dragonblimps_mom)
    9. Caydens_Mommy
      Soo glad you are back, I was lost without you!! Gotta fill you in about pump class!!
    10. hurrayupmom
      CA was amazing despite the earthquake last week. The girls had a great time. But so did the moms. I have not been here much, working for parents for the next couple of days. Keep in touch. Thanks for asking
    11. Brittgirl
      hi mom what r u doing
    12. Caydens_Mommy
      Call me on my cell tonight, so I can tell you the story..
    13. Ella's mom
      Ella's mom
      Tracy:) You are doing a wonderful job right now working through Brittney's emotional growing pains. Keep up all the good work!
    14. hurrayupmom
      We are leaving for CA on Thurs. So when we get back maybe the girls can PM each other.
    15. hurrayupmom
      :DHi NEW Friend:D
    16. Midwestmomma
      Thank you for adding me as your friend.....:D
    17. Emma'sDad
      Thank you for inquiring about me. I haven't been on here for a couple weeks. Been crazy busy with vacation/house repairs/car maintenance/swimming lessons/baseball practice and Emma's French Camp that went very well every morning this week. Today I think is the first time in awhile that I've been able to sit and browse CWD. Anyway, few more things to do before I am off for the weekend. Have a good one!
    18. TracieandJim
      Thank you for the Animas inset and cartridge. I actually got it a week or so ago. Ive been toying with it since :)
    19. RyansAuntKaKa

      Yes, we live in Frederick. My 7 year old nephew is t1 d. He was diagnosed July 8, 2006.
    20. TracieandJim
      It's no problem :) . Large is very scary. We have had it twice within 30 days! Once at dx when he was DKA and again when he got a virus. Both times we were admitted. Hes good though. As soon as DH started grumping about him being small we checked blood ketones and it said normal so I didnt worry and we put him to bed. At 3am his BG was 303 and a urine ketone check was negative. whew. Have you figured out why she went high and large so quickly?
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