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Dec 12, 2014
Oct 17, 2007
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Dec 12, 2014
    1. theramosfam
    2. Danda
      Me too, I'm back online after one month w/o computer(the old one die)....Last week Hannah was having a huge bruise under the pad. The ped concluded she had an allergic reaction to the adhesive...and the sensor was erratic, with a lot of question mark.
      This week I put an IV3000 first, sensor after....will see.
    3. TheFormerLantusFiend
      I saw your comment on IGF and I want to point out that on the Lantus prescription information for the pharmacist in one of the earlier editions of the pamphlet (I've got it around somewhere), Sanofi Aventis reported that Lantus caused cancers at injection sites at megadoses in some animals. The March 2007 one said that Lantus caused tumors at injection sites for male rats and male mice at 5x recommended dose.
      I'd also like to point out that ALL INSULIN IS CARCINOGENIC AT HIGH LEVELS. People with very high insulin levels (people with insulin resistance) get a lot of cancers at higher frequencies. All of the commercial insulins have been tested for carcinogenicity, and all of them have reported causing cancer in animals at some dosages.

      And on a totally different note, I want to say that I live in Chicago, like to meet people, and could definitely travel to Oak Lawn via Metra. Or maybe pace, if that's safe enough in that area.
    4. twodoor2
      Do you have any more info of the IGF of Apidra? Thanks!!
    5. theramosfam
      May I ask what basal was she on Lantus or Levemir? Do you recall how much of a change in the new insulin for Apidra was? So sorry to bother you with this....I am so happy to hear someone else started this while on shot therapy. :)
    6. Mama2H
      Yes, we were on shots before the pump. From what I read you were trying to use Apidra in the pen, I would try to use the syrenge from the begining and I would also increase your dosages right from the begining. Hailey was high for a lot of the time the first week on Apidra until we increased her basals across the board.
    7. Danda
      Hi, just wanted to let you know I appreciate very much your tips on dealing with Mr.Dex :)) 75% is working great, so I will learn not to be so frustrated with the other 25%. Thank you.
    8. Jensmami
      No, we are using Novolog. But I think Apidra sounds very interesting.
    9. Mama2H
      It has been fantastic for Hailey! I have a house full of kids right now so I will try to answer in more detail later tonight.
    10. twodoor2
      Where are you from in Illinois?
    11. twodoor2
      I think Dave (Jacob'sDad) really likes Apidra, even though he just started using it. He'll get back to you about it I'm sure.
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