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May 14, 2016
Nov 21, 2007
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May 14, 2016
    1. OSUMom
      Wow, just wow! Paula we need you here. Hugs!!
    2. Sarah Maddie's Mom
      Sarah Maddie's Mom
      See? Loved across the board ;-) <3
    3. wilf
      Not sure what's gotten into folks. :( Seems the vitriol from the US health care debate has pervaded the general population in some way that is baffling and unsettling to those of us living in other countries.

      That having been said Paula, you're a gem! Right at the top of my list of people I like on CWD. Keep on postin'! :)
    4. Flutterby
      Paula, I have to agree with Becky, what you've given to CWD most people can't. You are kind, knowledgable and one of the most supportive people I know.. CWD wouldn't be the same without you..

      The recent posts made to by people are uncalled for and they should remember the saying: people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

      Love ya Paula!
    5. Becky Stevens mom
      Becky Stevens mom
      Paula I just wanted to tell you how much your kindness and caring for the people in CWD mean to me. I have seen you spend hours talking to people in the forums, comforting them, giving them advice, letting them know that it was going to be ok. It hasnt gone unnoticed by me or by others either. Thank you for being a good friend :)
    6. Lisa P.
      Lisa P.
      I should have posted here. So I will remove my original post.
      I will make a formal complaint to the moderators if I ever again see anyone on this forum tell someone who has recently joined that he or she should not post until he has proven him or herself, either through time or through the telling of a person story or through any other test.

      If you want to play the "you've hurt my feelings so I'm taking my ball and going home" game again, you have every right to. I'm sure you will garner sympathy here. I am not interested in building a clique of sympathizers around me, if every person here hates my guts but I have done what I can to stop new people from being bullied, I will sleep just fine at night.

      Best of luck to you wherever you decide to be.

    7. Caydens_Mommy
      Hey.. I've been checking my email daily at work, still no internet at home right now. I don't remember getting anything from you. We need to catch up sometime, preferrably soon!!! :)
    8. Caydens_Mommy
      Hey Paula.. Haven't talked to you in a really long time.. Hope you are doing well.. Miss ya!
    9. MReinhardt
      Thanks a million times over!!!
    10. XMumofType1aged8X
      Hey Paula!! Hope u & family r well? Been a mad few months ere but will tell u more wen we chat tidy.

      Take care
    11. bbirdnuts@aol.com
      No. I hope that's ok.
    12. hawkeyegirl
      Hey Paula! I think you may be on to something. What I have figured out (which isn't really much) is that it's not only what food he is eating, but the quantity. For example, last night we had pizza, and he only had 25 carbs. I did a normal bolus, and there were no issues. But I think with pizza when he gets up around 50 carbs, then I need to do an extended bolus, and the length of it depends on how many carbs were eaten. Same with pasta, although I haven't figured out the "tipping point" there yet. I do think I have a decent grip on pasta for now - we've been doing 50% up front, and 65% over 5-6 hours with reasonable success. But I find that even with low fat meals, if he eats a ton, I need to extend some of the dose out a bit - even just a half hour or an hour, or he goes low. His little tummy has a limit as to how much food it can process at one time, I guess. Anyway, thanks for checking in with me on this. It's so great to have someone to bounce my crazy ideas off of! :)
    13. Caydens_Mommy
      Hey Paula, just wanted to drop in a say Hi.. Miss chatting with you!
    14. hughsfan30
      Hey there girly! Its been a while since we chatted, I was trying to add you as a friend on here, but I cant find the link..lol add me k! Talk to you soon!
    15. Barbzzz
      See, now I had to go and look, too. :D The power of suggestion. WOW!!
    16. Treysmom
      LOL...I was too curious.
    17. tiffanie1717
      You're getting a lot of traffic on here lately! :) (where's the smiley giggling behind her hand when you need it?)
    18. bz'smom
      Hi Paula...just lookin' for some ice cream, too. I guess Cindi ate all of it..oh well, I found some Nerd candies to eat instead! lol
    19. Tigerlilly's mom
      Tigerlilly's mom
      Paula - just wanted to let you know I was looking too! : )
    20. momandwifeoftype1s
      Where's the traveling blog? I haven't seen it yet. Just checking in here to see what's what and all. :)
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    "He attacked everything in life with a mix of extraordinary genius and naive incompetence, and it was often difficult to tell which was which." ~ Douglas Adams
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