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Aug 15, 2011
Jan 5, 2008
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Aug 15, 2011
    1. dejahthoris
      I know there is a humolog pen with memory too, but it does not do half units. It would be really great if they would do one with both. Question about Luxura, can you attach the needle before hand so it is really to go in a restaurant or do you have to do it right when you inject. I know on the quikpen says you can't put the needle on before hand. Thanks so much.
    2. dejahthoris
      How do you like the luxura pen? I have been wanting to get it. Our endo gave us some quik pens. Even tho he primes with 2 units, (I watch the insulin squirt out) every time he used it he went high. I love the idea of half units. He can only use humalog, allergic bad to novolog. Thanks!
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    Who has diabetes?:
    Adult with type 1
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    Type 1, Pumper going back to MDI due to insurance and skin issues


    Thanks, Sheryl
    Sprite's Mom - new baby ferret under my feet
    (Spicysmom no more - Spicy, my ferret, passed)
    Type I since age 20
    Loved the Omnipod - but went back to MDI due to skin issues.
    May you have a Blessed Day!
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