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Oct 7, 2011
Mar 9, 2008
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The Jersey Shore

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Oct 7, 2011
    1. Aidan'sMom
      Just wanted to drop in and say Hi. I have had a whirlwind of a life the past year and a half and I hate that we lost touch. I see Amanda is pumping now, congrats, I hope you guys continue to like it!!
    2. RosemaryCinNJ
      Amanda has been pumping now for a little over 3 months..Those of you who told me that we would love it were right....I sure do and so does Amanda..I wish we didnt wait this long to get one..but its good to know MDI too..so no regrets! :) We are coming up on our 3 year anniversary soon...wow..Glad I have CWD friends...
    3. RosemaryCinNJ
      Oh yes please...Or I could copy yours if that would be ok? I didnt want to copy it without asking ya first....Where did you make it?? lol..Im so excited :)
    4. hsmommyofmany
      i made it, ya want me to make you one??
    5. RosemaryCinNJ
      Im glad Brittany is better ..hate those damn ketones,,they scare me! Im counting the days to use my calender!! Im so excited..and we are giving the rest as gifts to family .
      Whoo Hoo! lol...I am here for you too Tracy..We are all on this roller coaster ride...ughhh.. lol..
    6. Thoover
      Just read your thread about pumping, I do hope you get what you want. Yes Britt is alot better, we delt with ketons for 2 days straight off and on Ketons. She actually threw up and the ketons came down. That is why her Endo gives her two chances with throwing up. Weird that she feels so much better once she pukes and the ketons come down. weird thing with D. If you need anything I am ALWAYS here for you..
    7. RosemaryCinNJ
      Lisa I use pens and syringes...I prefer the pen and hubby prefers the syringes..I can use both, hope to be pumping soon here!!!
    8. Lisa P.
      Lisa P.
      Thanks for your advice on the pumping thread, we use syringes and have never studied up on the pens. With getting it through insurance, etc., it just always seemed hard, but we've been having such odd numbers that I've heard it recommended for consistency. Sounds like you prefer the syringes, though.
    9. Thoover
      I LOVE this picture of her.. I haven't been on the boards alot.. But this is adorable..
    10. RosemaryCinNJ
      I posted an album..its someplace lol...
    11. RosemaryCinNJ
      Such a happy girl..(most of the time)..I hope you all enjoy these pics of my little sweety.. as much as I enjoy seeing all your beautiful sweeties too!
    12. RosemaryCinNJ
      Pretty good over here..I cant beleive its Aug already..will be glad when school starts up again in another month!
    13. StillMamamia
      Hi Rosemary...glad you got lost in my message board...LOL. How's it going?
    14. Barbzzz
      Hi Rosemary, out of curiosity, where at the Jersey shore are you? My sister lives in Atlantic Highlands (married into the giant Weimer clan, perhaps you're familiar with them -- 12 sibs), and my brother and family lives in Belford. Sound familiar?

      Hope you find a good endo for your daughter. My sister is going to hook me up with a friend of hers whose daughter is D, as someone to "talk" to, and they live in the area. When I hear from her, if you'd like, I can ask who her endo is, since I'm sure they're in the area.

      Barb, a displaced Jersey girl
    15. RosemaryCinNJ
      Wildwood is about 2.5 hours away from me..I am closer to NYC..Im actually in central NJ
      near Sandy Hook gateway National Park area..I used to vacation in Wildwood as a child, love it down there!! Its a big weekend down here at the Jersey Shore and the traffic will be horrendous to travel south to Wildwood..My husband and I and the kids are going into NYC tomorrow to Central Park..getting out of Jersey lol..for the day. How long will you be in NJ?? Good luck with the dance competition that sounds fun!!
    16. hurrayupmom
      Hi Rosemary, just dropping a line--we are leaving Sat. for the Jersey Shore. Wildwood to be exact. We are going for Tori 's dance nationals. Is this close to you?
      Have a great 4th of July.
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    The Jersey Shore
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    One child
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    Married 11 yrs to Richard, have 4 amazing children


    Amanda, Type 1, Dx at 13 mos. old, now 5 yrs old.
    Also immune deficient..IgA Deficiency as of 7/2010...

    Pumping with Mini Med 522.. Pink... (Humalog)
    Sure T infusion sets....

    Erica 21, Brandon 19, Ryan 11..all Non D.
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