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Retired Pancreas
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Jun 19, 2009
Mar 27, 2009
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Retired Pancreas

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Jun 19, 2009
    1. Retired Pancreas
      Retired Pancreas
      Wake up PANCREAS


      A mysterious, enormous city in its tiny size!
      Discoverers will wake your pancreas up,
      and paint pancreas for ALL PEOPLE WITH DIABETES.
      Diligence is alive to get up your sleepy PANCREAS.

      You diabetics remember! If we haven't diabetes,
      The world would not understand the worth of pancreas.
      you can Give the world best understanding to accompany your pancreas.

      You should be proud of yourself.
      Step forward; Remove the fear from your feet.
      You'll hear the clap of Angels; feel the joy of stars.
      Heaven give you honor for your win;
      for being a winning/heroic diabetic.
      Go mounting your hope at the summit of mount Life,
      like those who win the life.
      Cry out in unison:
      I CAN. , You CAN., We CAN.

    2. Retired Pancreas
      Retired Pancreas
      Wake up PANCREAS


      Open sunny curtains, close cloudy curtains
      Observe the reality of beautiful scene in brightness.
      Let diabetes break down.

      Watching out the balance of your stormy blood glucose
      help your ship not to bob up and down on your blood glucose.
      Hoist your mainsail.

      Don't let diabetes play your feeling.
      Help your Spirit feel happy.
      Make your path to right choice. Walk the right path.
      Have your right pen, write your happy Path on page of your life.

      Wake up wake up...You have power to decide
      Take a diabetes trip by suitable helm.
      Seek until you find, you'll find diabetes isn't weakness
      It's just sleepy pancreas.
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