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Aug 2, 2014
Feb 6, 2010
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Aug 2, 2014
    1. krystalkat

      I saw your post about your daughter, and almost the same thing happened to me when I switched endos. I hated her for months! Now, she understands me, and I understand her so she knows how to phrase things and how to get me to understand what she's saying isn't to be mean, it's because she cares about me.

      Anyways, that's a really long way of saying I understand what your daughter is going through and would love to talk to her. I'm 14 too, turning 15 this year. If she doesn't want to talk, that's totally fine! I wasn't sure if I am allowed to post on the parents' forums.

      - Emily
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    16 yr old Daughter dx'd 02/03/2010, Omnipod since May 2010
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