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Feb 11, 2014
Apr 1, 2011
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Feb 11, 2014
    1. Butterfly Betty
      Butterfly Betty
      Thank you! I'll check out your pouches, for sure. She's really excited about pumping.
    2. Lisa P.
      Lisa P.
      Thanks for the hi, glad things are going well for you and you're settling in. Fun to see your new name and picture! Have a great day!
    3. kgerrick
      Hi Amy,

      I was looking a some of my past post and saw one of your posts to me. I just thought I say hi. How are you doing? Hope you are well! My daughter is back to school and doing okay. I'm doing okay though I have my moments of sadness. Hope all is well with you!

    4. tina
      Oh, I missed this earlier, thank you for taking the time to send me what has worked for you guys!

      22 months is so very young-how did you find out she had diabetes? They are solittle and helpless then. My heart goes out to you!

      As for corrections, I am sort of getting the hang of it-I tend to correct with 7g rather than 15g and will treat compensation doses higher in the morning when I can monitor closely, than in the evenings.(0.5 for 50 and 0.5 for 75). I also am getting better at carb counting and to be honest we have had to just get rid of things like cookies and marshmellows-they hit him like a brick of sugar and send his BG way high.

    5. Lisa P.
      Lisa P.
      Selah was diagnosed at 18 months. She's 4 years old now. She's happier and stronger, more lively and ambitious than either of my older daughters were at her age. She rules the world, as far as she's concerned. It's constant work and brings your post brings tears to my eyes even now, but you will find your way back to being all right. Email me any time at twowortd@yahoo.com.
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    Who has diabetes?:
    Parent and one child
    Does your family have celiac?:
    I'm not sure yet
    I am a stay at home Mommy to one boy and one girl. I'm in school to become a RN.

    My family


    Son 5 years old and non D
    Daughter 2 years old Dx T1D @ 18mo. Pumping with Animas One Touch Ping with Apidra as of August 2011
    Husband also lives with T1D
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