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Jul 9, 2013
Jan 8, 2008
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Jul 9, 2013
    1. buggle
      Hi Wanda,

      Brendan just let us try pods again after much coercion. I thought he might never try again. He's really learned to hate them. So, we're on the second pod now -- the first one lasted 3 days + 8 hours. We're on day 2 of the second. Rob and Brendan were thumping on it today and Brendan's been lying on it (on tummy) and it's working fine. When they work, they're nearly indestructible. And when they're bad, just blowing on them kills them. So this newer batch is working so far. I decided if we had pod troubles that we would go ahead and get a new PDM. I haven't bothered in calling in more than a dozen bad pods. I get sick of dealing with them.

      I hope Manning's pods keep working. Fingers crossed for us too. Brendan goes to the endo on Thursday and I know that his A1c is going to be atrocious. MDI doesn't work so well for us -- especially now with a kid going through puberty.

      Thanks for checking in.
    2. Tripletmommy
      Thank you :) I was looking through pictures the other day and found a bunch from our NE day at the beach and I just said, why the heck am I not posting and going on there more?!?! Its such a wonderful place!!
    3. MyBoys'Mom
      Hi there. That's so nice of you to ask - thank you. I try not to kill/hijack threads, but I think I did this time. He ended up staying but has no intention of going next year. His twin, who went to a YMCA camp had pretty much the same experience. Maybe we're just too much of being homebodies - I'm not sure :) We're all home and getting back to normal now.

      I figure next year he can make an informed decision about whether or not to go. We'll chalk this one up to a great learning experience.

      Hope you guys are well and having a great summer!

    4. buggle
      It's supposedly ordered. I checked yesterday the gal at the center, but I'm going to call OmniPod directly on Monday. We had pump class yesterday. I think I'll PM you about it.
    5. buggle
      You guys are getting a head start on us. I'm really nervous. I don't know why I have such a strong aversion to Brendan pumping. I'm going to have to push through it. I told him last night that I want him to know everything there is to know about pumping before he heads back to school. I think I'm most nervous about insulin delivery being outside our control. He'll be making decisions about corrections and bolusing. I know they'll call for a while, but it still makes me feel sick to my stomach. On the other had, I don't think we can achieve the type of control we'd like without a pump. And the idea of suspending basal during the night, instead of waking to treat lows and making mini-corrections really appeals to me.

      Let's compare notes as we go. Brendan's a horrible geek and he's all excited about it. We call him a cyborg and he likes it. :p He doesn't mind having 2 big things attached to him.

      How does Manning feel about this? Is he excited?
    6. Sarah Maddie's Mom
      Sarah Maddie's Mom
      Yes, I think it will come down to a kick ;)
      Thanks for the reminder - I need to make sure the weeks we want are still available. :cwds:
    7. Sarah Maddie's Mom
      Sarah Maddie's Mom
      Thanks, re the pic - that's her "cool" side showing :rolleyes:. Fwiw, if you have crazy hair day at school watch out for that spray on hair color! A week later and I'm still finding green and yellow marks all over the house!

      Camp is up in the air. Maddie's hesitating and I begin to think that if she goes it's going to be because I really, really pushed her into it. I know she's ready and I know that it's time, but I wish she'd make it easier.:o

      Manning is going, right? Maddie's emailing with a girl she met when we went to go see the camp - maybe that will help. That and a swift kick in the pants :D
    8. Reese'sMom
      I hope I am responding to this correctly...I'm still a little confused about how to use the PM's. The Omnipod is going great, thanks for asking.

      We had the cannula come out twice, though and had to replace those pods. We could tell when BG was unusually high and continued to climb after a big correction bolus. So I learned that I need to pinch up the skin a bit while applying the pod. Since I started doing that, they've all been lasting 3 days with no problem. His numbers a great, and the flexibility to eat without shots is wonderful. Reese has been swimming with it too (it was really HOT here last weekend), and that worked out well too.

      The only other problem we had was last week's Soccer game where he said it was pinching him when he ran. I have been putting them on his rear end, and I would like to try the back of his arm for soccer. He's afraid of the arm for some reason, so I don't know when he is going to let me try it.
    9. Mary Lou
      Mary Lou
      Brian does want to attend the Joslin camp this year, although Andrew does not. This is not surprising, Andrew is very reserved and I think a little young to go. We haven't figured out which week. I heard from others that you can apply for a price break from Joslin, just by saying you need one. Wish I would've tried that last year, it certainly is a stretch. Enjoy your winter, too!
    10. Mary Lou
      Mary Lou
      Hi Wanda, how nice of you to think of us. We are fine, just busy and crazy busy. I have been substitute teaching all month, and I honestly don't know how people work full-time and provide the care for their kids and home. It is a perspective I haven't had before and it is exhausting. I hope that you are doing fine! Love the snowy picture ( :
    11. TripleThreat
      Hi wanda
      noticed you posted on mary Lou page i talked to her recently all is good they had a good Christmas and are settling into School again. Mary Lou has started teaching at Andrews school so has been really busy lately. Brian also has been choseen as a delegate to go to DC in june and Andrew was invited too.

      That is all i know, figured i would forward so you didn't worry
    12. Judy&Alli
      Thanks for noticing. We were on vacation. Didn't have time to post or pm anyone. Too much packing! LOL!!!! You are really sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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