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Aug 20, 2007
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March 3

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    1. linda
      Thank You. It went well
    2. linda
      Hi what endo did u see? We just brought Em to CHOPS specialist for Thyroid. Dr. Langdon and Dr. Baour
    3. emm142
      Wow, 4 years. ): I'm practically new to D by those standards. =P But we are both members of the (not very) exclusive "dx'd at 14" club. (;
      I still can't believe that in 19 days I will have been pumping insulin for a whole year! Time certainly does fly.
    4. emm142
      Since dx, ketones are rare for me. I had been having symptoms for a LONG time before dx, so I had let things get pretty bad. I was always reluctant to tell mom about medical stuff because (I love her, but) she's one of the least sympathetic people, EVER, and accuses me of being a hypochondriac all too frequently (when I'm normally right).
      A month and a day before I was dx'd, I also lost my grandad who I was incredibly close to (and I'd been visiting him most days in hospital for the 6 months prior to this) and I think the distraction to me and my family was enough that we didn't notice everything going on with me healthwise, KWIM? And there is no doubt in my mind over whether or not the stress elevated my BG even more...
    5. emm142
      I looked like a skeleton. ):
      Obviously I haven't been there, but I don't think I'd like not having a label for my type of D. I do have a teeeny bit of a denial problem though. (As in, I don't feel in myself like I'd die without insulin. I have skipped boluses before because I don't "feel" diabetic. I think I've faced up to the fact now that all that does is send me into the 400s.)
      My doctor didn't believe me at first. Apparently they'd already had 3 T1s diagnosed that year (small village surgery, usually they have none, one at most) so she thought there was NO WAY there'd be a fourth. I persuaded her to do a urine test, and when she saw the sugar and ketone sticks turn the darkest colour, she spilled the blood that she'd already taken from me (IV) on her table. She was pretty shocked when she saw how high my BG and ketones were, that I was still conscious. :eek: To be honest, she only freaked me out more.
    6. emm142
      My hands used to get shaky as well, when my next meal was due. Apparently it's because I was going HI and then dropping like 500 points in a few hours, because my pancreas was still working some. Mostly though I got textbook symptoms. I actually wrote a list to take to the doctor because I was worried I'd forget and she'd blow me off, and it said: extreme hunger, thirst, weight loss, excessive urination and fatigue. She decided I probably had hyperthyroidism. *rolls eyes*

      I used to eat 3 bowls of cereal and 2 slices of toast for breakfast every morning. And several glasses of OJ. It's really scary to look back on that, combined with weighing 84lbs at 5'4/5"...
    7. emm142
      Wow, well I'm glad you're finally on the right treatment now! You must have caught it real early. (:
    8. emm142
      Ohh, okay. I've never been tested for c-peptide and I don't know if I was tested for antibodies or not, I was too overwhelmed at dx to ask much about all the tests they ran, but I was HI with off the scale ketones so there was no question over insulin. How long did you stay on diet / pills for?
    9. emm142
      Sorry for the random question, but I didn't want to go all off topic in the introduction thread.. I was just wondering why you were started on diet control, and then pills, before you moved onto insulin? Did they misdiagnose, or were you just not "high enough" for insulin?
    10. emm142
      I don't remember ever getting any instruction on where to put sites, I just do them anywhere I would have done shots (but I'm a bit more careful about checking there's enough fat, because for shots I used to pinch it up a bit).
    11. emm142
      Oh, quicksets are a bit easier for the arms than sils.. I used them for a little while, but I didn't use the inserter for my arms. Just peeled off the adhesive and stuck in the needle, and then pulled the blue bit out.

      I do thighs all the time, but I have to watch for exercise lows when I'm using them (even just from walking around). I use everywhere from about 1 hand above my knee up to 1 hand down my leg, on the front and outer side. I've also done my outer-upper thigh, but it got painful. I like putting sets everywhere. =P
    12. Leah
      Sure. I'm finished school for the summer (finally). I'm going to Wyoming, the Beach, and doing some field hockey camps. Are you doing anything fun?
    13. MelissaMo19
      Hii, will you be going to the FFL in Orlando this year?
    14. Leah
      Hi. Maybe we can meet each other on the next JDRF walk!!!
    15. MissEmi
      Thanks :).
    16. Darryl
      Hi, thanks for asking. She's doing great! I hope you are well too.
      Check out the video I posted of her in the "D Kids can do anything" thread!
    17. Mody_Jess_Pony
      Hey Kier sorry I been so busy with school and university stuff. Today has been a really really bad day because our temp music teacher is leaving us and the old one coming back and I got really attached to our temp music teacher...and Ive just been crying with her all day....
      I am still pumping :) Fredwilma lives still! She's been frozen a few times lol but still going strong
    18. MissEmi
      Awwww I'm sorry! Yeah that's a big worry here too, I got a new scholarship app. yesterday YAY to fill out. Good luck!
    19. MissEmi
      Hey Kier...are ya ever going to come out of hiding? LOL. I miss you!
    20. diamondback688
      Ah. I see. Going to a community college is what I'm doing. I'm just getting my general education requirements out of the way for now. You know, English, Algebra, etc.
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