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Sep 8, 2015
Sep 10, 2006
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Manager - Type 1 Technology Ventures, LLC

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Sep 8, 2015
    1. hawkeyegirl
      Kevin - there is a thread going on right now that you might want to respond to. (And I am selfishly interested in it too!) It's about a product that one of the posters got free in an order from mygluco, but doesn't see where she can buy it on the site. It's a little light that slips on your finger for nighttime BG testing. Anyway, I'd love to buy one, and I bet other posters might be interested.


    2. kevin@diabetech.net
      glad you could use my 2 cents.

      yep- AM carb counting is a huge payback for the trouble spent so that's a great one but once the carb ratio goes down and activity kicks in it's just not the same deal. Nailing the carb count for brkfst is a big deal.
    3. cadesmom
      Hi Kevin, I was just rummaging through some of your post,(you always have good info) and I found where you replied to a thread I put up awhile back on food labels being wrong, I like what you said about weighing package foods in the am, that is where most of my trouble is, I am going to start weighing, waffles, pancakes and other things like that. I am writing down all of Cades food to try to see what is causing spikes, I am determined to figure this thing out, so thanks for the info.
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    Manager - Type 1 Technology Ventures, LLC
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    Kevin L McMahon
    Darby's Dad diagnosed May 2001 at 27 months
    t1 + celiac+ hashimoto's hypothyroidism
    website: http://kevinlmcmahon.com
    twitter: @kevinlmcmahon
    linkedin: http://linkedin.com/in/mobilewirelesshealth
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