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Sep 27, 2021 at 8:25 AM
Jun 1, 1995
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November 21
Cincinnati, Ohio, United States

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Founder, CWD, Male, from Cincinnati, Ohio, United States

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Sep 27, 2021 at 8:25 AM
    1. theMad_D_Dad
      hi Jeff, is there a section of this forum for introductions, I see my initial post never showed up so I'm assuming I somehow violated the TaC, or maybe posted in the wrong section? not sure.

      after realizing that sleep deprivation has made my otherwise average observation skills less then par, I found that "introduction" section, hidden, right at the very top for all to see.
    2. sab20619
      hi there...i just joined yesterday, and posted a new thread introducing myself and asking a couple questions, but it never posted. i got a message saying it would have to be approved first.
    3. Juliana1245
      could you help me not meeting any new people yet (N)
    4. KarenRI
      Hi Jeff,

      Would it be appropriate to post a link to this family's fundraising page in Fundraising Activities? Both Dad and the younger son have Type 1 and Dad's complications have caused them to fall into a financial crisis. Mom is a friend of mine, and she donated her kidney to save her husband, then took on the caregiver role for her ailing mother. She also had surgery on her shoulder recently and was told she may lose her job.

      These are wonderful folks and I was just looking for ways to spread the word.

      Thanks very much,

    5. RosemaryCinNJ
      I appreciate CWD so much..and thank you for all you do...I have learned so much..and will learn even more now that we are soon to be pumping!! :)
    6. timnshann
      I never mentioned it before...but thank you so much Jeff for giving us this "second home" to come to! We appreciate all your hard work :)
    7. alex's mom
      alex's mom
      Thank you for starting something so wonderful here.....you are amazing!!!!
      CWD is the heaven on earth!!! :-)
    8. Retired Pancreas
      Retired Pancreas
      Good morning to All childrenwithdiabetes forum,

      I'm thankful for your efforts to this forum.
      Good Luck
    9. Jeff
    10. angeledkitty
      What's the quilt for life thingy?
    11. Wendyb
      Hi Jeff--I was wondering if it would be possible to get a sticky for diagnoses stories. At a certain point following diagnoses I think it is therapeutic to write the story. In addition, I have always found it helpful to read other stories. In fact, my 6 year old d son asked me to tell him about other kids and how they found out they had diabetes. I went to a you tube site and had him watch a few videos. However, I thought it would be a nice addition to the site and may be helpful to other parents wondering if their child may have d--to get a sense of how varied the dx can be.
    12. Sandy's mom
      Sandy's mom
      My family and I had a really terrific time in Marco Island. Hope to go again next year.
    13. jennie clayton
      jennie clayton
      I am working w/ parents here in GA to keep the nurses in the school. If you have any feedback on how to go about getting this done politically or otherwise let me know. I've started a Facebook group called keep the nurses in the public school in georgia and overnight there were over 100 members.
      Thanks for any information you might have!
      my email is jnedza@mac.com and cell is 404 583 4712
    14. Lisa P.
      Lisa P.
      Could you please post guidelines, maybe in sticky format, about what will trigger a closing of a thread discussing nutritional, etc. approaches to refining diabetes care? Obviously, much about this could turn very harmful, but is it all off limits or just if it strays into miracle cure territory? Or is it already there and I haven't seen it? I get so much information from this forum, if eating blueberries could decrease Selah's chances for developing eye problems I'm probably only going to find that kind of esoteric info here, but of course I know you can't screen every post for authenticity. I hope you can find a way to let the general topic be discussed safely.
    15. Jenny
      Thank you for your quick response. This forum is my first step into finding support since things are starting to become routine and have settled down. Meanwhile just trying to educate myself as much as possible for preventative measures.
    16. karpoozi123
      Happy birthday Jeff! (14 minutes late in my time zone but I believe you are behind me...)
      Thank you so much for all you do for us! :cwds:
    17. EmmasPapa
      Get my user id off of this forum!!!
    18. Lisa P.
      Lisa P.
      I don't know if you're aware of the history of the two election threads I started. An Obama supporter started an election thread and was unhappy that it turned into a debate thread, so I started two -- one for people happy about the win and one for people unhappy about the win.
    19. TheFormerLantusFiend
      Hey Jeff,
      I'm hoping to find a family on CWD that would be willing to host me for a week or so in December or possibly over the spring break, so I can get a chance to really meet people and because I like staying with people. I'm more than willing to babysit. I posted about this twice back in July. I got a few people who were interested and they all ultimately said no. I've sent some PMs and left some visitor messages asking about if people would be interested, but no dice. I don't want to spam the board and I don't want to break rules.
      How often is it appropriate to ask on the board if people would be willing to host me? Is there a more efficient way of finding somebody? Should I stop asking? Are there rules about posting that kind of question? Do you know if there are any members in particular who might be interested in having me stay and babysit for a few days?
    20. Midwestmomma
      Just wanted to say THANK YOU for everything you do for our kids with D. We went to see the Quilts in DC the beginning of this week. We didnt get achnace to meet you, but we seen you and all the volunteers, and LOVED seeing my son's quilts and all the others. It was a very emotional thing for me to experience. Thank you Jeff, and hopefully we will get to meet next year at the FFL conference.
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    November 21
    Cincinnati, Ohio, United States
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    Founder and President, CWD


    Jeff Hitchcock - President and Founder, CWD
    Father of Marissa (BSN, RN, CDE), now 31, married, and mother of two, dx'd at 24 months
    Research nurse at Stanford University
    25 Year Lilly Journey Award
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