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May 7, 2015
Nov 20, 2007
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Hastings, MN

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May 7, 2015
    1. Becky Stevens mom
      Becky Stevens mom
      Just stoppin in to say hi :)
    2. StillMamamia
      I hope Jacob is feeling better too!!! Ketones at all??
    3. StillMamamia
      Hi Dave,
      Just wondering how Grady is doing? Your cat, Grady right? He was ill a few months back wasn't he?
      How are you and the family?
    4. twodoor2
    5. twodoor2
      Hi Dave,
      The family is doing good. Sorry to hear about Jacob's highs. That can be so frustrating. I know you'll figure it out soon though!!
    6. twodoor2
    7. twodoor2
      Hi Dave,
      I just saw Napolean Dynamite for the first time, and I kept thinking of your comments about how you looked just like him in HS (I hope you didn't ACT like him in HS - ha!!). Very funny movie, thanks for recommending. I laughed my pants off, especially the part where he dances.

      Merry Xmas and Happy New Year. I hope Jacob, Tammy, Logan and Andrea are all doing well, and here's to a happy & healthy 2009!
    8. StillMamamia
      I thought you guys used the Omnipod?
    9. StillMamamia
    10. musicjunkie
      …………*./ | .\*
      …………♪ *♫*.♪
      ………, • '*♥* ' • ,
      …….♪ '*• ♫♫♫•*'♪
      ….. ' *, • ' ' • ,.* '
      …♪ .' * • ♫*♥*♫•. .* '♪
      … * , •HAPPY• ., * '
      …♪ * ' •♫♫*♥*♫♫ • '. * '♪
      ' * ' • HOLIDAYS . • ' * ' '
      ♪ ' ' * • ♫♫♫*♥*♫♫♫• * ' '♪
    11. StillMamamia
      Hi Dave, just read about Jacob running low. Good job on handling it. I hope he feels better soon. No advice from me, as you've gotten awesome ones already.
    12. Lisa P.
      Lisa P.
      So I started to tell my husband about your matchstick girl post, and halfway through I stopped dead -- you're sneaky!
    13. Lisa P.
      Lisa P.
      O.k., this is going to sound silly and self-serving, but I'm sleep deprived so forgive me.

      I wish your son could meet my little girl.

      See, just in the last few weeks she's started to do a few rapid drops, and just today she was acting low but wasn't anywhere near low. Now looking at your post I see how bad a kid can feel from a rapid drop.

      It seemed like something was wrong, but she can't tell me. I read your post, and now I know. And I can watch for it. And maybe my little girl will feel scared and sick a little bit less because your boy is teaching me. So I wish he could meet her, and know how he's helping her out.
      Although I'm sure he'd rather have skipped the hypo and let me figure it all out myself! :)
    14. musicjunkie
    15. StillMamamia
      Well, you caught me...I didn't read the whole thread (blushing here). I'm glad he's doing well. I hope he does feel less tired and less achy soon. Ian complains often of belly pains. I wonder what's up with that. But he's always been the sensitive type in the digestive system since birth, so...tests have been done often and there's nothing.
      Awesome A1c btw! But that's no surprise...you rock at this!
      Oh, have fun bowling! Remember, it doesn't matter if you win or lose, it's how....NEVER MIND...totally bs there ;) Take care.
    16. StillMamamia
      Hi there :) Just wondering how it's going with Jacob's thyroid issue you mentioned once? Is he feeling better?
    17. Rachel
      Thanks, Dave. It was pretty lame having only a bug a s a friend. So very silly.

      We can't make the MOA event. We should talk sometime about the DayPoint experience though. W. loved it ... hoping Jacob can go next year. It really was an amazing week.
    18. Tricia22
      I'm not trying to be bi*** in that forum, but I have seen some really bad things from severe lows that weren't taken care of properly, and I know for a fact that glucagon does not always work. My aunt passed away from a severe hypo. that was not able to be brought up by glucagon.... I am just, well.... very "passionate" about D care since I lost 2 aunts to the disease at 52 and 45 and being D too.... I try to spread the knowledge I have and the experiences I have had...
      Sorry if I came across kinda strong there... my intentions were pure, I assure you.
    19. Lisa P.
      Lisa P.
      Thanks, will follow through for sure.
    20. Lisa P.
      Lisa P.
      Just an aside -- any advise on "fostering" that pattern recognition thing in kids? My eight year old is like this -- other kids draw horses, she draws patterns (of course, she could just be a budding obsessive compulsive!). This is not one of my strengths, and not something they work on much at school. I don't want to kill it off in her. Should I get her a suduko book?
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    Hastings, MN
    Who has diabetes?:
    One child
    Does your family have celiac?:
    I'm not sure yet
    husband to Tammy. Father to Logan, Andrea and Jacob

    Avid bowler, like to read, a bit of a handyman


    Dave (non D)
    Single father of Jacob (Type 1, dx'd 11/2005, born 12/11/2000)
    Medtronic Revel 722 since 1/08/2012; Apidra
    AccuCheck Aviva meter, Sure T infusion set
    Guardian CGM since 1/9/2012
    Former Animas and Dexcom user
    Father of Andrea, 15 and Logan, 18 (all non D)

    "Consistency is the last refuge of the unimaginative." - Oscar Wilde
    "Progress is made by lazy men looking for easier ways to do things." - Robert A. Heinlein
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