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Nov 5, 2015
Aug 4, 2007
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Nov 5, 2015
    1. cwdAdmin
      Hi Gwyn:
      Your recent thread about regular insulin is just one of your discussions that has sparked interesting conversation, thanks!

      On a more official note, we were alerted to the link in your signature, which appears to promote your own company Web site: CarbPerfectionist.com. The CWD Community Terms of Use prohibits commercial promotion (even by individuals, as that could be construed as passive spam).

      It's not our favorite task to have to ask dedicated posters to modify their signatures, but because of the alert and the terms of use, we ask you to please remove the CarbPerfectionist link from your signature. And let us know if you see other members promoting their projects/companies--we are equal opportunity moderators!

      Thanks for understanding, and again, for all your terrific conversation starters. :cwds:
    2. KatieJane'smom
      Oh, thanks - Katie Jane needs to update her website but she doesn't seem to ever slow down. She has lots of new t-shirt designs to download or upload or whatever it is (I'm a huge technotard). I hope you enjoyed her funny song about diabetes - she's a fun kid to have around even though there are those teenage moments.
      I've bumped your thread up because I like it so much. It's great to read about all the milestones & inspiring to read the resolutions. You were so smart to post that thread. It's my favorite.
    3. KatieJane'smom
      Thank you for starting such a great thread. I love the milestones & resolutions!
    4. Nightowl
      Thank you for the kind message Gwyn. I hope the information is helpful. Nightowl
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    Mom to a Middle Schooler (Omnipod, DX'ed June 30, 2006), and a Sports Nut

    Looking for info on using carb factors to count carbs? Check out www.CarbPerfectionist.com
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