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May 27, 2014
Jul 28, 2008
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May 27, 2014
    1. goochgirl
      I have a store on Etsy, but its been on hold during reno's and the move. I'll be starting again soon. You can see past item's though. Its Thepumppouchfairy. thanks
    2. Mom2Av
      Hi, I read your thread about you making pump pouches. Do you have a website? Congrats on getting the space you needed.
    3. Lisa P.
      Lisa P.
      Hey, lady.
      BTW on your last thread, I don't think you're seeing the same thing we did but with my kids, the are carb sensitive (oldest is worst) and if she eats any white sugar or white flour at all -- I mean AT ALL -- she craves only that and won't eat other things. When we can cut that all out (hasn't happened in a while, she's in school now and gets fed this every day;( ) she suddenly finds she likes all sorts of things she couldn't stand before -- like meat, and fruit. If that's any help.
      Anyway, my husband said we should break down and spring for another pump pouch since we use ours 24/7, and I went to find some and they were gone! You still selling?
    4. goochgirl
      It looks great. Thanks for the nice words and link.
    5. Lisa P.
      Lisa P.
      Oh, and I lifted a picture. Hope that's fine.
    6. goochgirl
      Interesting blog. Love the pics of your snow. Glad its yours and not here, though. Thumbs up to the red!!!!
    7. Lisa P.
      Lisa P.
    8. Lisa P.
      Lisa P.
      Just stopped in to get an address and saw your post.
      Hey, are you discouraged that it's not taking off as a business?
      I'm not sure what the answer is to that. Selah wears hers almost exclusively. She does have a spibelt, but the pump pouches are what we use most. The velcro is still very strong, the only wear is that they start to kind of sag after awhile -- 24 hour a day use for months and they have held up better than any piece of sewn work I've ever owned.
      Part of the problem might be that they are so well made. We definitely will try to find you again soon, since Selah is growing, but we won't need another until then and we're broke as broke. The other problem is that they cost so much -- honestly, for
    9. Lisa P.
      Lisa P.
      what you get it is an EXCELLENT deal, but people are used to Walmart junk and trained to buy and break 5 for $10 each instead of buying something really quality for $20 the first time.
      You also might benefit from asking here if anyone is good at marketing. I'm no good at all at that sort of thinking, but I know, for example, that when I first went to Etsy and tried to find you with a "pump pouch fairy" search it came up with nothing. Maybe there's a way to get the word out, who knows. Of course, I'm sure you've probably thought of all this but I'm hoping you aren't discouraged and ready to quit. I've got a blog -- it's kind of an incendiary place and not diabetes related at all, really, but if you want I'll be very, very, very happy to stick up a link to your Etsy page?
      Now, if it's not that, and something rotten happened here, sorry. There's a lot of great folks here, lots, great. But I disappeared for a reason, it can get dreary. . . .
    10. Sarah Maddie's Mom
      Sarah Maddie's Mom
      Aren't you hard on yourself!:p
      Maddie has 2 spibelts that she's using a lot but yours are more like accessories than just pump pouches. ;) And they are made with such gooch goodness!:cwds:
    11. Sarah Maddie's Mom
      Sarah Maddie's Mom
      Hi there! Have you been sewing again :rolleyes: ( I suspect you never actually stop;)) But I'm hoping that you haven't recently sent Maddie a pump pouch because one hasn't arrived... Just wanted to check. You know I'd never get one and fail to acknowledge your gift:cwds:
      Hope your having a better #s day today.:cool:
    12. goochgirl
    13. curediabetes14
      What is your internet site address for your pump pouches?
    14. goochgirl
      Cause you're in Wisconsin where its cold and those people have brain freeze???
    15. Omo2three
      hey thanks for the wake up call....why do I put up with this !!!
    16. goochgirl
      I'll have my people call your people!!
    17. joy orz
      joy orz
      Hey! You are totally coming to my house when you are in town!!!!
    18. goochgirl
      Thank you! I'm so glad he liked it!!!! Yes, I sell them. I always like to give the first one away. I want people to try them out and make sure my pattern style and size suits their needs. Besides, I get to have more fun that way!
    19. Tigerlilly's mom
      Tigerlilly's mom
      Hi!! Tyler got the pump pouch in the mail today! THANK YOU THANK YOU!! What a great job you did - he was so excited that his name was embroided on the pouch!!! THANK YOU!! Do you sell pouches too?
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