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Feb 7, 2012
Dec 31, 2005
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New Braunfels, Texas
Mom of two beautiful kids, prior to Emma also a Re

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Feb 7, 2012
    1. slaveofchrist
      Hey EmmasMom! I have recently learned that 15mo old has Type 1 (he also has Down syndrome). I had seen that your daughter was diagnosed at nine months and I would like to connect with someone who has been through the same thing.
    2. Lani
      Amy - I read your blog a few weeks ago and was just overwhelmed at how much you have been through with diabetes. Now this happens to your precious Emma. My prayers are with you ten fold. Her kidneys just have to be ok. I am in Nevada...... but if you can ever think of anything I can help with - research, etc. PLEASE let me know.
    3. Chaser
      Amy, wanted to let you know Emma, you and your family are in our prayers. I am aways available for venting and pitty parties - sending big hugs your way - Loren & Chase
    4. Ella's mom
      Ella's mom
      hey there:) Sent you a PM but your inbox is too full to accept! Know that we are praying for you all during this time of Emma's kidney's not working as they should be.
    5. TripleThreat
      Hi Amy i love your clothing for Too Sweet, i wish i had a little girl. Emma is very photo genic you should think about modeling for her?
    6. Ella's mom
      Ella's mom
      Hi Amy! Love your new pic of Emma:)
    7. cadesmom
      Hi, I read your blog, I am so sorry you have to go through so much, you have helped so many people. I was struggling one day when a friend hooked me up with you, I am so thankful she did, or I would have never found this place with so much information.
      It was'nt till months later I found where you pm me, You wanted to help me with Cade's transmitter, it was to late, I tossed in a drawer, I had enough, I never called, I wish that I had found your message sooner, my fault and my loss, I wasn't smart enough to figure out that pm thing.
      Like you told me once "everyone has a niche, mine just happen's to be diabetes" Your very good at what you do and inspire so many people.
    8. yeswe'rebothD
      Hi Amy! You've got a beautiful family! How's Emma been?
    9. Ben'sMommy
      Hi there! How are you all?
      I haven't been on here for VERY long time. Things have been busy here for us between building a new house and getting Ben ready for school!!!
      I just wanted to say hi and to send my love and best wishes. I hope Emma is doing well.
      Take care,

    10. TripleThreat
      how is emma doing lately, hope it is great since haven't heard anything, wishing you did get some answers from her tests.
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    Home Page:
    New Braunfels, Texas
    Mom of two beautiful kids, prior to Emma also a Re
    Who has diabetes?:
    Parent and one child
    Does your family have celiac?:
    I'm the mother, wife and daughter of T1 diabetics! My father died of T1D when I was 5.

    My husband and I are active members of the American Diabetes Association.


    Mom to Emma~ 6 yrs
    dx'd D @ 9 months-old
    Pumping & Podding since 14 months
    MM CGMS since 11/06

    Multiple autoimmune syndrome & Kidney dz

    My blog
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