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Mar 20, 2016
Sep 7, 2008
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Nov 10, 1992 (Age: 28)
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Mar 20, 2016
    1. Lisa P.
      Lisa P.
      Just a hello, didn't read the whole thread since I'm just popping in, but I didn't want to miss saying I'm sorry you're feeling a little blue at school and I hope and trust it's something you have to go through to get to the other, beautiful side. No doubts at all you'll find your way, uniquely and brilliantly.
    2. nanhsot
      Emma, I never thanked you for the info I asked for via PM, you are always generous with your time and advice. The info has been passed along to my son and he was very interested in your experiences, so thank you!
    3. Christopher
      Hey Emma, you are too kind. Thank you very much for the birthday wishes for Danielle. I had a My Little Pony party all planned out but she just isn't into that any more... ;-) Probably just go out to dinner at her favorite resturant....Thanks again, very nice of you...
    4. Lize
      Aren't you going to get some sleep???
    5. mommylovestosing
      Hey! Came to glance at your profile to see where you are located and noticed we share the same birthday :). Of course, mine is 15 years before yours :)

      Have a great weekend!

    6. Rukio
      xD Hope you have awesome fun!
    7. Rukio
      Why are you going to Norway? So cool, you'll have to post pictures, I am currently obsessed with Norwegian, and I really want to move there some day.
    8. Abbysdad
      Thanks for the info... much appreciated
    9. linda
      Hi Please stay available for tips..you will be crucial in helping us to keep Em safe during training, meets etc!! She had a seizure years ago when on MDI during an intense training for travel soccer..we have been squeemish ever since re sports and activities and dont wanna hold her back now she is 5'8" lean and raring to go!!!!!!
    10. Christopher
      OK, inbox is (sort of) cleaned out. Fire away! :)
    11. Jordan
      Hey Emma!
      I have a question for you!
      Do you guys (on your meters) go by like the numbers that we do (in the states) or by the other numbers?
      My friend (from Aus) is trying to figure out if she ordered a meter from England, if she would be able to use it or not... but I just thought I would ask you ! haha
      thank you :D
    12. MissEmi
      Phrasing things right is hard for me too :D. And you're right, it's hard to understand some things that you don't really know about.
    13. MissEmi
      (about your question in the opinions thread)
      It was kinda hard to explain...but yeah, I've wondered about things before from plain ol' curiosity, but I just go back to the Bible for an explanation. I've been brought up a little differently than most though, where religion and church are everything instead of just part of my life. It IS my life. And I'm not trying to sound "holier than thou" or whatever, I'm just saying, that that's how I was taught and how it's always been around here.
    14. kierbabi09
      I love pumping. It will be a year of pumping in November. It has been the smartest decision for me to pump. I rarely have lows and my high's come down so much easier on the pump.
    15. kierbabi09
      That must have been hard :(
      I can't imagined being diagnosed and then having someone you are close to pass away.
      My symptoms started in October and I was diagnosed December 14, 2005. The only reason I remember that date was because I remember it was about 10 days before christmas and my endo only see's me on wed.'s so it all matched up.
      I still can't believe it will be 4 years this coming December. Times sure flies.
    16. kierbabi09
      That must be scary! I've never had ketones bigger that small, so if I saw it turn dark purple I would probably freak out.
      I'm just glad that I never got to the point where I was constantly thirsty and hungry and stuff like that. I was so glad that I mentioned to my mom what was going on, because if not..who knows what could have happened?
    17. kierbabi09
      Wow...you must have been super skinny. I weighed 98lbs and I was 5'0.
      My mom borrowed a meter from a friend of hers who has been type 1 for 50 some years.
      She checked me 2 hours after I ate dinner and I was 285. I woke up the next morning and I was 119.
      My doctor didn;t believe us at first. But he asked me how long it was since my last meal, I told him 3 hours and he took blood. He called a couple of days later and sent me for blood work.
      Almost a year after I was diagnosed (about 9 or 10 months later I guess) they told me I didn't even have diabetes. But my sugars continued to go up.
      My highest blood sugar has been 483 and my lowest 42. I don't know what kind of D that I have, but I either just say Type 1 or insulin dependent to make it easier.
    18. kierbabi09
      Thanks :)
      I definitely did not have the usual signs and symptoms. The only signs I had were my hands would shake really bad and I started to forget things- ie. the date and a bunch of other things. I don't know if it's related or not but during the summer I would get super hungry and I ate TONS of toast. I would make like 4 r 6 slices at a time and I also ate alot of peanutbutter crackers and milk.
    19. kierbabi09
      I was put on lantus back in January of '08 and still on pills. I was taken off the pills in June of '08 and I was put on Humalog of August of '08, so I've been on insulin about a year (longer for the lantus). I've been using my pump since the end of November. I was taken off the pills 2 or 3 times actually. We just caught my D really early, I think.
      So let's see...I was on pills for...about 2 1/2 years I guess. It's been a long road...but I made it out ok ;)
    20. kierbabi09
      When I was diagnosed my sugars were 284. It took me about a year before I went above 300. I was tested for MODY (maturity onset diabetes of the young) and it came back negitive. So really...I was never diagnosed type 1, but I AM insulin dependent.All my antibodies came back negitive and my c-peptide was normal, but I was already on insulin when they checked,so I don;t know how much insulin i'm producing.
      So..long story short...I was only diagnosed with diabetes never any specific type!
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    Nov 10, 1992 (Age: 28)
    Home Page:
    Cambridge, UK
    Who has diabetes?:
    I do (type 1)
    Does your family have celiac?:


    EMMA - 21
    diagnosed T1 6th july 2007
    pumping with MM522 since july 2008
    MM523 since august 2012
    MM CGMS since november 2009

    cetirizine hydrochloride for solar urticaria dx'd in 2002
    levothyroxine for autoimmune hypothyroidism dx'd 13th may 2010
    venlafaxine, mirtazapine, lamotrigine and diazepam for bipolar disorder
    studying psychology at university

    twitter @emm142​
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