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Aug 27, 2015
Oct 22, 2005
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Aug 27, 2015
    1. Pavlos
      Just to express my appreciation and to thank you for keeping us up to speed on all research fronts :-)
    2. Tricia22
      Hey Ellen... just wanted to say how nice it was to meet you at FFL... you are such a sweet, caring, genuine person... you definitely deserved that award at the banquet.
    3. julieann
      Ellen, you look very familiar. Have you ever lived in Northern KY?
    4. linda
      Hi so far the insurance company has not helped at all!! They ask me to try the net, the website for aetna is not ez to navigate and seems laid out for DOCTORS not medical suppliers, so I have to call them 1 at a time and wait to get denied. If i call too many at the same time, they will confuse the ins co and the doctor....
    5. Omo2three
      Wishing you a Happy Easter! Sheryl
    6. linda
      Hi Ellen! We got letter today, was gratefull for the heads up!! They reccod a company taking our insurance and admitted can be lengthy process and to start right away, we just recvd our last 3 mos supply in march and due again in june so should be set up new co by then.
      I guess they are taking over the cleo?....not sure letter says will still "be available"....
    7. linda
      Hi! Just saw this now, and the way things are going around here (nightmarish!) this fits true!! Where do we start here? Aetna?? Smiths?? where is my info re:warranty?? Just somthing we took for granted in the wonderful world of "D"...glad we saw this...what will we do?? My feeling is somone will pick up...what is it about cleo????? Em loves!!! Only thing shes known!!!! What is a supplier/???
    8. Judy&Alli
      Hi Ellen, I just wanted to pop in and tell you that I was so moved by your thread about your son's anniversary. Thank you for sharing. You wear the twenty years well. I hope that there is a cure before we hit the twenty year mark. But if not I want to be just like you!!!! You are such a great role model. Thank you for all you have done in the diabetes world!!!!
    9. Ella's mom
      Ella's mom
      Oh Ellen....that little piggy in the article you posted is the cutest thing:) I am just peeking in before leaving for small group...will read the article later!
    10. semperwife
      Hi =) just stopping in for a visit
    11. TheFormerLantusFiend
      I just wanted to say thanks for posting the doctor's advice to the woman who went to a wine tasting event. You post interesting stuff.
    12. mominmass
      Hi Its jen from the cwd chat
    13. StillMamamia
    14. Omo2three
      Merry Christmas Ellen,
      Stay warm and have a Great New Year!
    15. Christopher
      Hi Ellen, hope you have a great holiday season :)
    16. TheFormerLantusFiend
      You wrote: Is it true that persons with type 2 have presence of c-peptide but develop complications anyway? And persons with type 1 likely have no presence of c-peptide whatsoever and never develop complications?

      To which I say: Huh? I hope I didn't suggest that. Did I suggest that? I will go and reread what I wrote after I write this. On the assumption that you were not being sarcastic (and I have Asperger's, so forgive me if that was sarcasm):
    17. TheFormerLantusFiend
      What I was trying to say that a LACK of c-peptide is a risk factor (maybe a very big one) for a few SPECIFIC complications, not all of them. I assume that people with type 1 diabetes of more than a few years' duration have low levels of c-peptide, and that some but not all have no c-peptide at all. I assume that any type 2 diabetic who doesn't use insulin has c-peptide, and that most (but not all) type 2s who do use insulin have some c-peptide but not necessarily as much as nondiabetics.
      Persons with type 1 and 2, no c-peptide and lots of c-peptide, develop complications, but a few particular complications may only happen in people with low or no c-peptide.
    18. TheFormerLantusFiend
      Because of you request, I'm about to start a thread in the research section on c-peptide. I think somebody else on the forums is probably more qualified to evaluate the research becuase I don't even know what the differences between the types of neuropathy are. Some of the people whose advocacy of c-peptide I read strike me as kooky, yet the research on pubmed about c-peptide and diabetic complications, particularly neuropahty, is pretty convincing to me.
    19. Ellen
      Oh and what about attachments for furniture etc.?
    20. Ellen
      Good thing you told me you posted here...I never would have found it otherwise :-). I pretty much never check this page. Did you try it on bare floors? Our entire house is tile.
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