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Dec 11, 2007
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Mar 27, 2019
    1. alex's mom
      alex's mom
      we will most likely get there on Tuesday. I have been checking out all the different forums here, trying to piece things together and come up with a game plan... lol

      i think i should start making a to do list of some sort :-)
    2. alex's mom
      alex's mom
      Hi Carol,

      I just wanted to say a friendly hello...
      I will be attending the conference this yr for the first time and was hoping to somehow pair up with other families with boys my son's age. He will be 13 in Sept, but honestly, he enjoys to play with younger kids more so than boys his own age.
      Just thought maybe we could have the chance to "meet" while we are there....
      i am overwhelmed at the thought of how many families will be there and don't want to get lost in the sea of newbies!!! lol
    3. badshoe
      I wouldn't in a hurry to change you Cosmo over to Animas unless you are about to fall off warranty. The Dexcom/Animas pump is most likely happening in months. How many month who knows 2 -8 -12? There will be an upgrade fee because Animas beleives we need to pay out of pocket in addition to paying for insurance and co-pays. It is the way they roll.

      Also Animas is going to have to pay Dexcom something like 200 bucks per pump that has the dex cgm in it. (It is in Dex published financial reports.) So I fugure J&J will want 600 bucks from users.

      Based on what the Animas folks said at Friends for Life last July the Animas software is due for a serious upgrading too. Thei comment was something along the lines of when we intergrate CGM our software will work with it. It sure doesn't now.

      Maybe this Symcare thing is better software, maybe EzManager will get another upgrade.

      With all that coming why lock into a generation of technology that you know will not make a year before upgrade?
    4. badshoe
      For a while we had different color lancing devices that made life a lit easier. The One touch replacement poker was white and the ones that came with the kits were blue. When they heard how many strips we were suing they were real happy to send extra pokers. Nobody gives you color options on lancing devices and there is where the blood meets the steel.

      IHMO One touch has no concept that a family may have two kids with T1. Sure the mertes come in colors but the cases are black.... Rumor is some docs got colored cases but I haven't seen one.

      For that matter Animas isn't real good at it either, their online store couldn't cope with the idea of two patients in the same account. That may be fixed I don't know, I gave up on the idea of online store and Animas a long time ago.

      Wave-sense has colored meters, colored cases but not colored lancing device. The meters also use a lot less blood and are reasonably small. The claim the best accuracy but who knows.
    5. badshoe
      No. I though there was a post about the meters soon coming in colors but I am not sure.

      I would go to Micheal's and get a paint pen or three and let the kids decorate them. A good label machine would work too but be a lot less fun. Let be realistic there isn't a lot fun about this so I am a fan of finding it where I can.

      We decorated the daylights out of our One Touch Ultra Kits back when we had two kids using the same color meter in the same color cases.
    6. linda
      It is terrible..im thinking of contacting news stations....very poorly handled!!! Not fair!!! We pay soo much money to insurance and these companies!!!
    7. linda
      Hi-what is plan for you and future with cozmo??
    8. GAmom
      Hi Carol, No, we go to PEA, unfortunatley. I want to go to your group but have been told by other moms that Hansen's groups refuses to accept "transfers" from PEA. I guess there are too many who want to switch. It was Dr. Mark Rapapport. I get confusing advice from that group. That's why I posted. I feel like my diligence in testing has gotten C's a1c down. Her highest was 8.4, in July it was 8.2. I asked them to test her thyroid, and it was extremely high and they put her on synthroid. After 6 wks of synthroid, her BG stopped rollercoasting, and so much more consistent, and we are able to see trends for once. Why didnt they suspect hypothyroidism before? Why werent they on top of her rollercoaster BG's? Can you imagine how high her a1c would've been with out our "extreme" testing? I just wonder if his advice held out for the "real world" of cwd. The clinical labcoat exp. is so different.
    9. coni1523
      hey, so sorry it took me so long to write you back. my son is about 45 pounds and he is very skinny. Don't worry he will have enough fat. I know if my son does any one does. LOL.... He is red headed and has a temper to.
    10. ecs1516
      We have meet Dr. Muir. We have seen Maureen and Dr. Hansen since diagnosis. We usually see Maureen because she put us on the pumps but see Dr.Hansen several times a year.
    11. 4.my.son
      who is your endro? we have dr muir. awsome people
    12. ecs1516
      Oh, yeah, now I recognize your name! Small world! Do you still go to the morning meetings?
    13. GAmom
      Hi Carol!
      Good to "meet" you again! I recognized your handsome boys from one of our jdrf meetings. johanna
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    DS1, 22 yr old, diag 3/2000 at 3 yrs old:(, pumping 2001,Minimed 508 2001,Cozmo 2004 & 2008, Animas Ping 5/09,Novolog ,Apidra(1/11),Back to Novolog 6/11, Navigator 8/08-5/09, Dexcom 5/09, Dexcom G4 12/12, G5 2015, Medtronic 670 6/2019
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