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Jun 17, 2011
Oct 16, 2007
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Jun 17, 2011
    1. TheFormerLantusFiend
      It's off topic but when you said that death is only minutes away once a hypoglycemic seizure starts, did you mean death from the seizure itself (ie choking, drowning, etc) or that the seizure indicates that death is imminent?
      If the latter, can you refer me to a source, because that's not what I understand.
    2. czardoust
      She is feeling better. For two days we had her BS's under better control, then came the flu vaccination (not h1n1) and they went high/insulin was like water for 3 days. Today she is better. Im just glad to have honest numbers to work with. Its easy to get caught up in the madness.
    3. GaPeach
      Just wondering how things are going with Kat's BG? I hope things are leveling out and she is feeling much better.

      I know my 11yo can tell the difference AFTER we get her back into a routine range.

      The wild swings are a nightmare. Sometimes they don't even realize how bad they are feeling until they actually feel good again.
    4. TheFormerLantusFiend
      Thanks! Also thanks for all you write about having a mother with T1- I like your attitude.
    5. czardoust
      we see dr faustman on july 23rd at 9:30 am yes. I would like to know why she hasnt updated. i will learn as much as I can, take pictures, and if possible tour the lab and meet her staff.
    6. TheFormerLantusFiend
      I saw a post in which you said you were going to see Faustman, I think.
      Can you tell me what's happening with her research? Why hasn't anything at all come out about it in the last six months?
    7. Judy&Alli
      How is Kat doing? I read your post late. I haven't been on much. I am so sorry you had to go through that!!!! Hang in there!!!!! Where is our cure?????
    8. Lisa P.
      Lisa P.
      So NOT trying to attack you, so I'm posting over here so you don't misunderstand. I totally understand having those days (weeks? years?) where nothing is going right and you don't know how you can put one foot in front of another.

      We buy our meat all at once and put it in the freezer, we have 6 months to a year's worth in there. We definitely are lucky to have it. My husband's business is getting sold, the layoffs have started, and we're moving. We'll probably move in state, but for awhile it was possible we'd be moving across country. If we did, we could not afford to ship all that meat in a way that would keep it frozen, wouldn't have a place to put it when it got there anyway. I don't know the situation with the neighbor, but it may not be that she's just blindly buying food she decides she doesn't want anymore, ya never know. . . .

      Don't know if that makes you feel better or worse. I always feel better knowing someone else might be in a bad place too ;).
    9. linda
      sorry for your D-bs!! Sounds like u did a great job!! I cant believe didnt seize!! Em had a seizure before pump!(lantus, etc. ) we had to use er shot, somehow I remained calm and put the darn thing together and used, hub tried and thought he broke it when he pulled the plunger out too much!! Hope things get better!!(i realize was last week)
    10. Lisa P.
      Lisa P.
      Try to stay away from posting anything that could trigger any kind of "mommy wars" but your post struck home so I wanted to give you kudos. I had a mother brag to me once about how many pacifiers her kid had, how much he loved them all and had special ones that he chose from for this occasion or that, and I felt the same way (hard home situation, not the pacifiers in themselves).
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    substitute teacher
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    married mom of 4 kids, going to school to be a teacher

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    Carolyn, age 41, Mom to:
    Katerina 10 yrs old dx'ed T1 @ age 3,on 9/10/04, Lantus and Novolog MDI
    Austin age 12, non-D
    Kaitlyn age 15, non-D, dx'ed asthma age 2 yrs
    Amanda age 18, non-D, dx'ed VWD, Type 2A 6/09
    Daughter to Linda, age 61, dx'ed T1 @ age 10, 1959
    Katerina at "Camp A1c at Cha-La-Kee 2010"
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