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Apr 28, 2014
Mar 24, 2008
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Medical Administrative Assistant

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Apr 28, 2014
    1. Kaylee's Mom
      Kaylee's Mom
      Hey!! Can you send me your addy again so I can send off the journal to you?? Thanks!! Crystal :)
    2. Thoover
      Well how was Shopping?? How did your sister do with the D care for the C'Man??? Also PM me with your address.. I really need to get you your Xmas card in the mail. You moved and I don't have the new one..
    3. Midwestmomma
      Hello Girl....guess what...? I just remembered I forgot to send your Christmas card....can we say I am an air head....DUH ME !!!! Sorry, I'll mail it out tomorrow. How ya all doing by the way?? We are good, cold as heck up here, but all good.
    4. Thoover
      I won't be on much today, one of my really good friends just lost her husband this weekend, the viewing is today and the funeral is tomorrow. I feel so damn sad for her that she has to go through this and she has 4 young children all under 10 years old.
    5. Thoover
      Hey Girlie I love the Pics. How adorable... You look great!!! I am sitting at home today, I finished my Xmas shopping and boy do we have some spoiled children..lol
    6. MelStan
      Thanks CM!! :D when you get to my age, you do your best to forget about it ;)
    7. Thoover
      I know the puppy is adorable.. he is only 5 lbs.. All black and just too cute.. Its Fred and the kids but since I am not working I get to wake up early with him.. lovely right..
    8. Thoover
      Whats up Hollywood.. How are things with you.. Have you gotten an email from me at my yahoo?? Things were peacefull at home till Fred got a new Pug Puppy.. Just when I thought I would have a month off work to do NOTHING...lol.. Miss talking to you
    9. MelStan
      sorry to hear your A1c went up CM. But i'm sure it will drop the longer you're pumping! You're doing so well, pat yourself on the back :D
    10. MelStan
      hey :cwds: how did your Endo appt go? I've been meaning to ask, but keep forgetting..remember that memory problem I have? ;)
      We have ours next week :rolleyes: Well, Ped appt..never seen an Endo yet.
      hope you're hanging in there :)
    11. Sarah Maddie's Mom
      Sarah Maddie's Mom
      Did your 1 month check go ok?
    12. Emma'sDad
      You're always getting into trouble aren't you!? ;)
    13. Sarah Maddie's Mom
      Sarah Maddie's Mom
      Aren't you sweet!
      Yes, all well here. Just busy. My Dad is needing a lot of attention ... you know how it is.
      Is pumping going well?
      I'll keep my eyes open for you in the Chat - hopefully we can catch up.
      Best, Sarah
    14. Emma'sDad
      Hey Savannah!! What's cooking? :)
    15. Momof4gr8kids
    16. StillMamamia
    17. StillMamamia
      No, I'm not...but if you insist! LOL I'm there in a sec. o' ye bidet fan! :)
    18. StillMamamia
    19. Momof4gr8kids
      I'm glad that Cayden is enjoying the pump. That makes all of the training so worth it!
      We're all doing ok. Sometimes I feel like a reeses monkey, just hanging in there....
    20. Momof4gr8kids
      Hey girl, How are you doing? How is pumping going?
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    Medical Administrative Assistant
    Who has diabetes?:
    One child
    Does your family have celiac?:
    Mother to 2 Amazing boys!!

    Spending time with my kiddos, baseball games, Dirtbike Races, reading, music.


    Mother to two beautiful boys
    Cayden Lane(9) DX'd Oct 5, 2007 Pumping with Animas Ping since Oct 2, 2008.. Currently Racing dirtbikes and playing baseball!
    Landon Trevor(12) Non-D currently playing baseball!
    Wife to Daniel - Type 1 for 33 yrs!


    "There are lot's of things to think about but nothing to worry about!!"

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