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Sep 16, 2008
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Dec 4, 2018
    1. vettechmomof2

      No, that is an acceptable/good number if you are not seeing signs of increase drinking/urination.
      I would not be concerned with that number at all unless again you are seeing the pu/pd(increased drinking /urination.

      Keep me posted if yuo have any other questions, take care,
    2. Lisa P.
      Lisa P.
      Well, hey, where have you been! Nice to hear from you, hope you meant to send me the request because I'm checking the box and now you can't take it back! Thanks for the nice kick to my morning.
    3. Tricia22
      You definitely seem like a solve all the world's problems kind of person. It's kind of refreshing to see... so many people now are all about how the world and society today suck and that's that. I like how you're trying to make a difference for real. Anyway, I just wanted to say again, I was in no way trying to offend you with any of my posts. How far are you in nursing school? Do you know what kind of nursing you'd like to do after graduation? Thanks again for keeping me PC... I got a bit caught up in people abusing the "diabetes is a disability" thing for its potential perks. Sorry...
    4. Lisa P.
      Lisa P.
      No problem, I didn't want to hide why I skipped it but I don't want to make a debate thread on this, so I hope you're good with a public message thingy?

      It's an abortion thing, there's a lot there but the kicker is that cell lines from embryos are used to manufacture the vaccine. There are other vaccines available in Japan that don't have this problem, but not available here. Rubella is not a serious illness for kids, it's bad when pregnant moms get it (horrible problems for the baby), so I'm hoping that there will be an acceptable vaccine by the time they are older. I understand there were 200 cases of rubella in the U.S. last year, mostly in folks traveling from other nations, so I think the risk is low right now.

      TMI? Anyway, sorry to be cryptic. Have a great day!
    5. TheFormerLantusFiend
      That's a very interesting idea, going to teach abroad in the UK after graduating. Do you know exactly what they'd cover, diabetes medication wise? Like, how many test strips?

      My guess is that what I'm actually going to do is pay for an insurance extension for six months, which state law makes the insurance company provide as an option, and then for my uninsured few months, have stuff stockpiled and/or go to a local clinic for uninsured youth that also offers major discounts on medications. Unfortunately, that leaves me with no plan for how to pay if I have a hospitalization, but I think I can manage to stay out of the hospital for a few months. I should probably ask my endo if he has any ideas on the subject. He's been in practice for forty years.
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    young adult w. type 1
    Pumping Since Aug 2005
    currently pumping with Medtronic Veo (with CGM as much as possible)
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