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Nov 28, 2015
    1. angelwings
      HI Everyone`
      I sell Candles for a Cause and Nov.is Juvenile Diabetes Month.
      Product Description
      November Cause: Juvenile Diabetes

      Benefits: Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation

      The Candle: 18oz Hurricane style container

      Fragrance: Autumn Spledor and Totally Irresistible

      Color: Bright Blue

      $4.00 from the sale of each candle will be donated to the cause
    2. Mommy For Life
      Mommy For Life
      I superstitious to say it out loud, but the pump is going great! We have a had a few lows...and a big handful of highs, but overall I am loving that I can give her such small doses of insulin. I really think things are going well because her TDD is so small and her basal was 1 unit to begin with (this now up to 1.68) . Still a learning curve and yes I am a nervous about a battery operated machine working correctly. I know things will change and I will have hair pulling moments, but for now it is all good. (: Glad to hear Miss C is feeling better. (: I hope the insurance thing works in your favor.
    3. Mommy For Life
      Mommy For Life
      How's Miss C doing? When does she start her pump? Hope all goes well! :-)
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