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Feb 25, 2016
Oct 1, 2010
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Feb 25, 2016
    1. Bigbluefrog
      Thanks Lisa, he is doing good. My new Marine is adapting well, still studying physics and engineering. Hopefully they see that potential and give him some good experiences with serving
    2. Lisa P.
      Lisa P.
      My dad's a Marine, if you've got any specific questions shoot me a PM or an email at twowortd@yahoo.com and I'll ask him and get back to you.

      Congrats and thanks to your family.
    3. TheFormerLantusFiend
      I'm studying life ;-)
      I graduated with my bachelor's in Secondary Education, Mathematics in November 2009 and I'm not in school right now (except as an after school teacher).
      What do you want to know about LADA?
    4. fredntan2
      And I been using my new phone to write.not as easy as laptop
    5. Bigbluefrog
      Too many mom 2 three or two yada yada, only one big blue frog
    6. fredntan2
      I was wondering who you were forgot you changed you r name.I just got nothing to say, been lurking, been having issues with dd, she just started therapy, just normal teenager stuff,just unpleasant to be around.
    7. TheFormerLantusFiend
      Mary Tyler Moore received, at least according to her autobiography, a diagnosis of type 1 diabetes in her thirties, following a miscarriage. If the diagnosis had been made today, they would have very probably called it LADA. She was still honeymooning strongly enough five years later that she could do things like eat a box of donuts without a shot, and whatever blood sugars it may or may not have given her, she didn't go into DKA (which, I promise you, would be the outcome if I ate two donuts without insulin).
    8. TheFormerLantusFiend
      At the time I was diagnosed, I was given the impression that 17 was old to get a type 1 dx, but that was because I was getting treated by pediatrics.
      In fact, 14 is about the average age to be diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. 17 is not old at all to get a type 1 diagnosis. And people can and do get diagnosed with it much older. The vampire book author, Anne Rice- diagnosed in her 50s. Jackie Robinson, the first African American in the white baseball leagues- diagnosed age 38 (he had two brothers diagnosed as kids). Ron Santo, diagnosed age 18. The first person put on insulin- diagnosed age 12, the first American, diagnosed age 15. Zippora Karz, ballerina- diagnosed age 21. Mary Tyler Moore, JDRF spokesperson at one time, was diagnosed in her 30s (although really she shouldn't have been diagnosed type 1, IMHO- LADA is probably what she had). This forum has a bias towards children diagnosed younger because their parents are more likely to seek support.
    9. Heather(CA)
      I'm HAPPY to be friends :)
    10. chelsedin
      It's going alright, eager to get her going on the pump in the case I have to return to work. Not sure what childcare options we can afford without it. :) She is happy as ever though and adapting really well.
    11. LadyBug
      yup. it's a really great picture. i orginally found it when i was making this video :)
    12. LadyBug
      honestly, i found it online, another D teen had taken it, and i loved it so much i made it my sig pic :)
    13. Bigbluefrog
      Merry Christmas! God's Blessings on your New Year:)
    14. s0ccerfreak
      Thanks, exams have been going well so far. I have one more tomorrow morning. I just need to study all day then I'm free for 5 weeks :)
    15. Type1
      Thanks, Its Jet from Avatar Last airbender, He's my favorite on the show.
    16. KatieJane'smom
      Hi Sheryl, Thanks for letting me know about the name change. I've been meaning to reply to that message but "busy" interfered. Katie Jane is SO much better. She had her teeth repaired today (I don't know if you noticed in the pics but she either has her mouth closed or her hand if front of her mouth in all of them). I meant to take a picture of how she wore her pump on her thigh but then I got distracted by trying to make all 4 teens behave long enough to take their pictures! I hope Homecoming is a great success and will be looking forward to seeing your pictures.
    17. Bigbluefrog
      Hi there! If you stop by ~ please do leave me a note.
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    Everything :)
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    I love to travel, paint, take photos, Camping, Hiking,

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    Daughter dx~ age 12

    Amber ~age 17 Pumping w Ping
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    Faith, Hope, and Love ~
    the greatest of these is Love.​
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