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Mar 1, 2013
Jul 11, 2009
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Mar 1, 2013
    1. 2type1s
      Hey! Of course it's nit too personal! Our two youngest are type 1, but we did have our oldest tested every year until she turned 18. She never had the markers, thankfully. I do know that Amy Coffey, Momandwifeoftypeones, has 2 sons, one with d, and one who has tested positive for markers, but doesnt have D. I hate that you may have to deal with that! Hope you are all well....I do have a friend here in TN that has eight kids, four of whom have D. the children were all tested when the second was diagnosed, and 2 tested postive, but one was already diabetic, but very early. The youngest had the markers, but had not developed D yet, he was put in a clinical trial, but still eventually developed D. so sad.
    2. LizinTX
      Hi, I live in Amarillo. I really wish this online community, was a "real life" one too.
    3. TracieandJim
      Aw Thanks. Making the video really helped me to mourn and come to terms with D. I encourage you to give a try. I want to make one for this year but I keep getting various dramatic issues pop up keeping me from all things extra. I'm gonna keep trying tho.
    4. phoebes
      Hi friend. I'm here now. You'll have to point me to the right forums, this is kinda overwhelming.
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    More than one child
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    Mom of Marcus (5yrs old, dxd 2/7/07), Alex (7yrs old), Amber (9yrs old, dxd 4/19/09)


    Christina -
    Mom of 3 - 2 w/D
    Amber - age 10, dxd 4/19/09
    Marcus - age 6, dxd 2/7/07
    Alex - age 8 - simply caught in the middle
    Animas Ping

    Faith and Science working together will lead to a cure - donations help - support CWD, DRI, ADA and JDRF!
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