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Feb 16, 2009
Jan 19, 2009
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Feb 16, 2009
    1. cwdAdmin
      Thanks, we removed the last name from the member ID!
    2. cwdAdmin
      Angel and Scott -- We've been encouraging members to not post personal contact information/full names, especially in connection with details about children -- for everyone's privacy and protection. Can we remove your last name from your ID so you are less identifiable?

      Thanks for helping us keep CWD safe for families! :cwds:
    3. Angel_And_Scott
      Our Son Kris was diagnosed with Type 1 on 01/03/09. It was very scarry. We thought he had the flu and did not recognize the signs such as thirst loss of weight etc. Yes I did notice these things and commented on them but he said he felt fine so i thought maybe it was a growth spurt being that he is 16
      and always very healthy and active. we took him to the ER because of vomiting and dehydration got very bad.A 1/2 hour after being there they cam in and told us his Blood sugar levels were 427 and he was suffering from ketoacidosis.. We spent 24 hours in ICU than a few more days in hospital.. He is doing great with everything and we are getting alot of training with his new Doctor and team at Childrens Hospital here in Omaha..But he does get really grumpy around meals .. he is very structured so when on little thing goes wrong he gets really frustrated ...what can i do to help him
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