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Jun 9, 2012
Oct 4, 2008
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Jun 9, 2012
    1. lisab
      Just added info to 'Problems with Antibiotic' post - if you had already read my post.
      Hope things are improving.
    2. Lisa P.
      Lisa P.
      Thanks a bunch.
    3. TheFormerLantusFiend
      You commented that your husband has polycythemia and that would make his A1c unreliable. Did he ever need something like that drawn? Is the fructosamine accurate for people with high hemoglobin levels?
      Also, is polycythemia something that people develop? If I didn't have it last year, could I now?
    4. momx6
      I Cathy I am new to this site and just read your post... We use U-10 and have from day 1... I found a drug store that is a compounding pharmacy... the reason why it is hard to find one is cus they dilute it in a hood (sterilize field) and regular drug stores don't have it (cost to much to have) not sure where you are but there is a place in Nashua, NH... and not sure if you were told but it has to be refrigerated and its good for 28days...
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    Mom of
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    Gary wonderful husband of 18 yrs

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