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Sep 21, 2009
    1. 4.my.son
      well doctor Muir approved the pump but we are not gonna use it right away. but insurance had already approved it from other endro. I am not allowed to open it until doc muir says so and I get training.
    2. ecs1516
      That is great that Hansen's office is putting pumps on kids quicker now. I think they used to make you wait a year after dxd. I think that is smart. Good luck on the pump!
    3. 4.my.son
      He was dxd May 27, 2008 he went in to have his tonsils removed and they told us after he had his pre op.he was 479. thay called and said your sons sugar is sky high and we cancelled his surgery. THAT WAS IT !! I like emory. I love the valet parking , cool. I called docs office today and told them they were delivering his pump there. They said what? why? they called Value Medical and it is comming here sometime next week He is getting the One Touch Ping In Blue.Everyone there is awsome and available all the time , I love it. I have not had the pleasure of meeting doc Hanson but I have heard great things about both. I am just happy we are established with them period. lol
    4. ecs1516
      How long has your son been diagnosed?
    5. ecs1516
      We have meet Dr. Muir. We have seen Maureen and Dr. Hansen since diagnosis. We usually see Maureen because she put us on the pumps but see Dr.Hansen several times a year.
    6. ecs1516
      Did you say they sent your pump to the doc's office? They didn't do that on ours. Maybe Dr. Muir does it different? What kind of pump did you get. Since it was shipped to our house we were able to read the manual first. We were on the Minimed 508 years ago and the last 5 years Cozmo. We just bought our second set of Cozmos.
    7. ecs1516
      Was I suppose to post my answer in my message box or yours? I posted it in mine .
    8. ecs1516
      We go to Emory too!
    9. 4.my.son
      "Thinking will not overcome fear, but action will."
    10. 4.my.son
      Hi, thanks for stopping by my son loves for me to read from the message boards plz excuse the abreviations and acronyms i have listed here also, haven't learned them all yet....DD - dear daughter, not diabetic daughter like I first thought, same with:
      DS - Dear Son
      DH - dear husband
      DW- dear wife
      BS - Blood Sugar
      I:C - Insulin to Carb Ratio
      ISF: Insulin Sensitivity Factor (how much 1 unit of insulin lowers BS)
      IOB - Insulin on Board (how much insulin is still in the system after eating or corrections)
      TDD - Total Daily Dose
      MDI - Multiple Daily Injections
      YDMV - Your Diabetes May Vary

      Basal: Long acting (like Lantus - only on the pump it is the same insulin, just given at a constant rate, given to keep bs stable all the time- ha!)
      Bolus: Quick Acting (Like Novolog or Humalog - given to cover carbs)

      DX - Diagnosed
      CGMS - Continuous Glucose Monitoring Systems
      BG - blood glucose
      MIL - mother in law
      SIL - sister in law
      BIL - brother in law
      MM - Minimed
      DKA- diabetic ketoacidosis
      IDDM- insulin dependent diabetes mellitus
      NIDDM- non-insulin dependent
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