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Discussion in 'Teens OT' started by Rayuzaki, May 17, 2011.

  1. Rayuzaki

    Rayuzaki Approved members

    Jan 12, 2010
    Another poem I have written


    Walking on the sidewalk,
    Ignoring those around,
    My face hidden in my hood.

    People yell at me,
    I continue walking,
    I can't be hurt any further.

    The bridge is closer,
    My sanctuary nears,
    I'll soon be at peace.

    I hear my name,
    They can not stop me,
    My time is done here.

    Looking down,
    The water sparkling,
    I step onto the railing.

    My name is louder,
    Someone wants me,
    I don't care.

    Falling faster,
    Looking upwards,
    I see a face.

    Fear and sadness,
    His love is leaving,
    I am leaving.

    Water splashes,
    His voice sounds in anguish,
    I'm at my end.

    My body is numb,
    Fearing nothing,
    I slip away.

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