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Summary of Health Plan

Discussion in 'US Health Care Reform' started by Darryl, Mar 23, 2010.

  1. Lisa P.

    Lisa P. Approved members

    May 19, 2008
    Do you have an insurance agent?
    Sure sounds like you can't catch a break with a whale-sized net, but maybe an agent can navigate for you.
    The high-risk decline sounds wiggy, maybe the person you talked to didn't understand? But our state's high-risk pool seems to work differently.
    Hey, any comfort in knowing that you've just made the rest of us feel very, very luck? Didn't think so. . . .:(:eek:
  2. OSUMom

    OSUMom Approved members

    Sep 10, 2006
    The coverage doesn't start until the "new plan year" after the 6 months after the bill's enactment. My dh's company enacts it January 1, 2011. My son will be off our plan the end of the month which is the company's policy since he graduated June 13, 2010. This is BCBS who did come out and say they were going to "bridge the gap" - apparently not all the BCBS groups are participating even though it's on BCBS's Web site. :rolleyes: My dh's company is self-insured so the company can do what they want regarding bridging the gap.

    It's very misleading, complicated and difficult to get accurate information.

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