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So, What are your hobbies? Crafts anyone?

Discussion in 'Parents Off Topic' started by Mike&Dans.Mom, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. shekov

    shekov Approved members

    Feb 22, 2008
    I've seen very pretty acorn wreaths made by drilling tiny holes through them then threading them onto thin wire.

    I used to be more crafty but now I'm just tired.
  2. czardoust

    czardoust Approved members

    Oct 16, 2007
    only hobby i have is writing. i used to be very artistic (when i had time). but writing is still there with me :) which is good.
  3. Sarah Maddie's Mom

    Sarah Maddie's Mom Approved members

    Sep 23, 2007
    I paint (badly, but I like it) and I garden, but by very Darwinian methods. :p
  4. nanhsot

    nanhsot Approved members

    Feb 20, 2010

    Gardening is a definite passion, though of course in winter it's not as much fun! I do grow herbs and lettuces when it's cold, but summer and outdoor flowers are a main source of joy for me. I never did get a summer garden (veggie that is) in this year, I missed it. Lots and lots of outdoor flowers though.

    Baking is another, breads of all kinds (favorite is true sourdough, but my starter died so that's not something I can do at the moment), including grinding my own grains (which I've also not done recently). Love to bake sweets too, but am only now getting the joy back in that as well due to my lovely salter scale which has made life simpler.

    Typing this up has made me realize how much of what feeds my soul I've ignored this year. Explains a lot actually.

    My only other true hobby is drinking wine. :p Somehow I didn't let life slow that hobby down at all.
  5. KHM

    KHM Approved members

    Mar 24, 2010
    Oh, we need a "Like" button so badly!!

    My Mom lives in Florida and she is quite the indoor gardener since she can't stand to be out in the heat.... when one of her plants begins to need more help than she is willing to provide, she puts it outside... in the "ICU". If it lives, it lives, if it doesn't...well, it was always touch and go...
    Last edited: Oct 7, 2010
  6. ScottB

    ScottB Approved members

    May 7, 2007
    All things mechanical and lately it's been restoring old motorcycles. Earlier this past spring I spotted an old Honda 550 that had been setting neglected in a barn for at least 20 years and stripped of many of it's parts. I don't know why but when I laid eyes on it I just had to have it so I bought it and another parts bike from the owner. All spring and most of the summer my garage has been a disaster area with motorcycle parts laying all over but I recently got the bike completely assembled and road worthy. The problem is I really don't know what I'm going to do with it because I don't even have a motorcycle license let alone a permit at least not yet.:eek:
  7. Heather(CA)

    Heather(CA) Approved members

    Jun 18, 2007
    I'm a golfer:D
  8. Our3girls

    Our3girls Approved members

    Feb 5, 2010
    Well I used to sew, play soccer, scrapbook, run, bike and enjoy shopping but now I work, test bloog sugars, do 5th, 2nd and preschool homework, I am a world record breaking fast dinner maker, laundry doer and... LOL I guess I really don't mind because it is all worth it and I know one day the kiddos will be older so I can have my time again. So I am just enjoying this stage of my family- is that a hobby :D

    All I have to say when I stopped the sports, I stopped liking the shopping hmm I wonder why :confused: :eek: :( :mad: :D
  9. bgallini

    bgallini Approved members

    Feb 23, 2008
  10. Jessica L

    Jessica L Approved members

    Oct 9, 2010
    I currently make scrabble tile pendants.

    I use to crochet and read but I got burnt out on one and never had time for the other.

    Cooking is something I use to love to do but now not so much. More so baking which I have not done since my daughter was dxed. I dont want to even think of the math to figure out the carbs in it.
  11. hmmmcormick

    hmmmcormick Approved members

    Apr 2, 2008
    I have always wanted to learn to golf. Dh used to golf, but hasn't in years. I keep asking him why he doesn't go anymore and he just says it's too expensive.

    My only hobby is cross stitch and I haven't been doing it regularly. I am almost finished with a project for my oldest niece. I have only been working on it for 3 yrs. LOL I have done one for my little niece and when this one is done I have promised my nephew a WWII airplane in cross stitch.

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