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Pump choices - Omnipod vs. Animas Vibe - advice needed.

Discussion in 'Parents of Children with Type 1' started by MomOf31T1D, May 17, 2016.

  1. MomOf31T1D

    MomOf31T1D New Member

    May 17, 2016
    My son has been on the Omnipod pump for 5 years now. Since they changed to the slimmer design and new PDM we have been having all kinds of issues including: pumps not sticking well, insulin becoming less effective on day 3, occlusions, etc. This all has led up to two hospitalizations in the past week because pump issues were not detected early enough and lead to DKA. For now he is on injections, but I would like to put him back on a pump. Has anyone had their child on the Animas Vibe? Do you know how it compares to the Omnipod from a personal standpoint, not just charts that the pump sites show? I like that these two pumps are waterproof as we do a lot of swimming. I am just scared to go back to the Omnipod given everything that has happened. Also, any advice on pump wearing supplies if I do switch him to the Animas pump? Thank you!!!
  2. Christopher

    Christopher Approved members

    Nov 20, 2007
    Sorry to hear you are having problems. Have you tried using tape in addition to the sticky back of the Omniod? Opsite Flexfix makes a great product. I don't use it for the Omnipod but I do for her CGM and it works very well.
  3. mmgirls

    mmgirls Approved members

    Nov 28, 2008
    Hi,my first suggestion no matter what pump you choose to use going forward is to have a majority of basal being a long acting insulin. Hopefully this will save you from any ER visits due to a bad jump site or a forgotten bolus/s. Both my girls do about 70% of their basal via Levimir and the rest is via the pump. I choose the 70% because when we temp basal it was usually a -30% on the Ping.

    My oldest was on the Ping ( previously on the Animas 1200) from when it came out till she wanted to try the POD. At that time we where already doing "un-tethered" on the Ping and we continued when we started the POD right when they rolled out the newer smaller PODs about 4 years? ago. You can not really call it untethered on the POD, but we gave a majority of basal insulin via Lantus, at that time. We where riddled with bad pods with the roll out of the newer smaller pods, plus add to that the recall on the strips used in the PDM. I am glad we had that long acting in the back ground or we would have not made it on the POD for 6 months.

    BUT, I understand after we stopped using the pod that things got much better and I now rarely hear anyone transitioning to the POD complain of pod failures or an increasing A1C due to a PDM reporting lower numbers.

    I found the POD the closest to the Ping in regards to suggested bolus calculations. The biggest adjustment for us was IOB calculations being a bit off, as POD calculates in a linear fashion and ANimas in a curvilinear fashion. I think we had to move DIA by 1/2 hour but we are using Apidra and not sure if it would make a difference an Novolog or Humolog.

    What have you tried to get the PODs to stick better? there are plenty of tricks to be used for just the 3 days.

    Are you guys using CGM? If not it it a possibility?

    Are you guys using a blood ketone meter? If not is it a possibility?

    Lastely, My oldest just transitioned from the PING to the Vibe after trialing the Medtronic 530g/enlite/connect device with threshold suspend. We did not go with the 530 full system because the intergrated CGM did not work well for my daughter and could not be trusted and endured 10+ finger pokes a day past the 4th day because of false lows and threshold suspends while at school. I loved the idea, but Dexcom had been doing her great and there are a lot of Animas features that we use that no other pump has.

    If you go with the Vibe ask for an off lable RX for the Adult version only because the PEDS version has extra warning screens about not using CGM data to bolus. The VIBe does not have the newest Dexcom G5 and there is no information as to when or if it will ever be able to integrate with the newest G5 or further versions. We are not bothered by that because my younger one has the PING and G5 and that system has its own set of problems, neither is perfect.

    Not sure I answered everything, but hopefull it helped.

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