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Private vs. Public School

Discussion in 'School and Daycare' started by twicker1, Apr 10, 2006.

  1. twicker1

    twicker1 Approved members

    Apr 10, 2006
    My son, 5, will be one year diagnosed April 22nd. So far things are okay, other than he is still somewhat in the "honeymoon" period. This makes it hard to adjust insulin for extra food. Anyway, my main interest here is in the difference in schools.

    My son was attending a private Christian school when he was diagnosed last year. After he left the hospital he was not allowed to finish the school year. Let's just say that we will never be attending that school again. Flash forward, he now attends another Christian school and they have worked with him wonderfully! He checks his sugar before snack, before lunch, after nap, and any other time he feels he needs it. To make things even better, his teacher has been insulin dependent since she was in 5th grade, and she is in her mid 20's so she is a great help.

    Now comes the part I wanted feedback on. Our older son will be entering junior high next year and we are allowing him to go to the public school near our home. So, we have also been throwing around the idea of letting our 5 year old attend public. I am concerned on how to get so many people involved with his care (bus driver, morning monitors, cafeteria monitors, librarian, computer teacher, gym teacher, etc...). I know there is a new law in Texas that allows children to eat and monitor blood sugar in the classroom, so that is good. But, should he carry his monitor ALL over the school to each location? At what times SHOULD he be sent to the nurse?

    Is there anyone here that has made drastic changes in their child's school environment? If so, how did you adjust? If not, I would appreciate just as much, any feedback on your experience with public schools and what your child's schedule may look like.

    Thanks! (from a mom still trying to get a handle on this)
  2. Britter-Critter

    Britter-Critter Approved members

    Feb 23, 2006
    me and my sis

    my lil sister was diagnosed when she was 4 and she ended up going to public school..and i got diagnosed this year and also still attend a public school..there is a law for all of the eating and testing and such inside classes..it's called a 504..what happens is u hold a meeting for all of your childs teachers and yard duties (or whatever they may be called in texas if that is where ur from) principles, the secreteries, anyone who will be in contact with ur child at the school and u teach them about diabetes the nurse will show u wut she knows and all. i dont know much about private schools tho..sorry..i just thought id share the lil info that i kno..i hope all works out for you guys!
  3. ann-lolly

    ann-lolly Approved members

    Dec 26, 2005
    I am guessing every school is different. I would check with your local public school and ask what their policy is. I just enrolled my daughter in public school for next year and spoke with the principle and the school nurse. They ask that we bring in a lunch box with all her supples and will keep it at the nurses office. She will be checked by the nurse before gym and her snack time everyday. The teacher is also familiar with diabetes and how to treat whatever comes along. Our local school already has several kids with diabetes so they are familiar with this. the nurse also said there is a kid with a pump in the school so she is familiar with how that works, we would just have to tell her our details. i am sure every person that comes in contact, should know how to handle any sitiation. My daughter does not take a bus so i don't know how that would be handled. good luck.
  4. Sarah'sMommy

    Sarah'sMommy New Member

    Jul 3, 2006
    We have a similar problem...

    My daughter was just diagnosed June 5, 2006. There was only 2 weeks left of school which she only attended the last 3 days of only because they were half days. I'm having issues with the school because there is only a nurse there 1 day a week. Because it's a private and not a public school they may not be willing to have her back next year. I've been working with the principal and a Parent Advocate to set up a plan so she can go back there but I just received a letter in the mail stating that the principal has resigned!!!! :eek:

    I'm ready to loose it!!!!

  5. hrermgr

    hrermgr Approved members

    Jul 25, 2006
    I have a 17mon old with D so thankfully I won't need to address the school issue for a couple years. Our 2 older girls go to Catholic schools--one grade school and one in high school. Neither have had a health condition to test the schools on. However, I also was on the school advisory broad for the Catholic grade school and personnally, I think whether or not a school will work with you depends on the school.

    I have heard (through these forums) about public schools not being too open to a kid with D as well as private schools. Schools may "have to" work with you if your kid has D, but some really are not liking it. You have to go with what you think will work best for your child.

    I know the Catholic grade school we've attended will work with us and that the Health Center is staffed for a couple hours each day. I also know there have been other kids with D that have attended the school.

    Pick the school you are most comfortable with and will work with you. If you get resistance, I would look somewhere else.

    Just my personal opinion....good luck!
  6. MrsBadshoe

    MrsBadshoe Super Moderator

    Aug 8, 2006
    Private schools is they don't recieve any federal or state funding you are really at there mercy. If your private school does recieve funding you might have a chance to force them legally to put a 504 into place.

    Unfortunately our private school was a church(religious) school and recieved absolutely no funding and it got really bad (letter of dismissal) before it got better, hired a nurse.

    I think you can contact your state department of education to find out if they recieve funding. Then you should contact the ADA advocacy department to see if they can assist you.

    The question you should ask first is do you really want to put yourself through a fight when it might be easier (not guaranteed easier) with public school education. For us we decided for our 2 T1 kids that it was worth the battle to at least try to keep them in our church school. It finally did work but not with out alot of emotional pain and agony for us.

    Public school have to give your child an education. Though it seems some schools or school districts are less versed in what they legal are required to provide. Some parents have to fight for things to be set up properly. The fight the fight because it is what we need to do as parents to keep our kids safe and sound while getting a proper education.


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