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private school responsabilities

Discussion in 'School and Daycare' started by kajumom, Oct 28, 2009.

  1. kajumom

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    Nov 10, 2006
    I don't even have the energy to post the entire story but basically after a terrible first few months of school this year and new principal, I took my dd Matia and Hope out for them not sufficiently taking care of Matia.

    There have been numerous problems, the last was her being 33, walking unattended to the office, calling me on her own, nobody was there who is trained to take care of her and they were trying to treat the low w/ "a glucose tab or two".

    Yes, the principal arranged a couple meeting with the ADA and an animas pump rep but is not following through on those things discussed.

    She didn't feel that the occurrences on Monday were a problem and that Matia was just "fine". She claims she had "bent over backwards" scheduling this training and that they are doing the best they can (but not following the plans we arraigned and not having a full time secretary even). She kept telling me how Matia's teacher, herself of this other gal (teacher/part-time office help) would ALWAYS be available. NOT TRUE and I have said that over and over and sure enough, when my daughter was 33. Substitute teacher (who wasn't informed of the plans and didn't read or be given her sub letter about matia), part-time teacher was teaching another grade and principal was not around. Random parent in the office who wasn't trained, didn't read about how to care for Matia etc. (principal's excuse was she got this parent to volunteer just 2 hours earlier b/c she had nobody else (b/c nobody can stand working for her, she has nobody)) And my kid is 33!!!! telling herself it is ok and to hang in there b/c she felt like passing out and she herself called me on the phone (as to our normal routine) and not treating immediately! AGH! Needless to say after this not being the first problem, I picked her up and with the principal saying there was no problem, admitting no guilt or wrong doing and thinks they are doing everything, I withdrew her.

    Currently not in school but home to do home school or virtual school again until I find a job. then?

    So my question is.....
    Do private schools have the same rules re: providing an education and Matia's needs. I understood that is not the case b/c it is a private school and that the rules are not enforceable. What is the truth? We live in Oregon. Is it different State to State?

    If she does go to public school, I think I should have a 504 in place before she starts day 1. Correct?

    Thanks for any advice- Becky

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