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OT our children's "Nick" names

Discussion in 'Parents of Children with Type 1' started by mph, Feb 23, 2008.

  1. mph

    mph Approved members

    Nov 26, 2007
    The user name thread made me wonder what all of you call your children.

    Nick's "nick" name is Nick ;) and.....
    Nicky Nick
    Nick knack
    Picky Nick (he's a nose picker.........eeeewwwww)
    Nicholas Pickleless Parker

    BUT...... When reading the intro of Think Like a Pancreas about the origin of the words diabetes and mellitis,
    Nicholas got a new nick name......."Sweet Pee":D.

    My dh and his older brother ALWAYS picked on their younger brother and called him Sweet Pea (from Popeye, I think). They are 8 and 10 yrs older.
    Now Nick has taken on the name (with a diabetes twist). But he thinks it's funny.;)
  2. Judy&Alli

    Judy&Alli Approved members

    Jan 26, 2008
    My Dd daughters full name is Allison. We rarely call her that we always call her Alli, unless we are mad. LoL!!! such a mom thing. But the funny thing is, before she was diagnosed she would only eat potatoes. Her nickname was tater butt. Still call her that. She still loves her taters!!!!!! She just needs the big old shot for all those taters:(
  3. lilwitte

    lilwitte Approved members

    May 26, 2006
    my nick name us DP (dysfunctional pancreas). I got this because at diabetes camp we would call one of the nurses pancreas because he does not have diabetes. Well one day I told my friends at school about the nick name we had for this nurse and next thing I know one of my friends started calling me her "DP" We all think it is funny so now she is the pancreas and I am the "DP"

  4. ErictheFerret

    ErictheFerret Approved members

    Nov 26, 2007
    I have many nicknames because my last name sounds like the Hershey candy bar.
  5. Sallysweets

    Sallysweets Approved members

    Jan 26, 2008
    Well my oldest is named Andriella but everybody calls her Andi and I call her peanut but not in front of her friends because she says that is totally embarrassing...she's only five geez :p And when she feels like cuddling she is Andi bear. My youngest is Kaley and we call her KK or sweet pea and occasionally cry baby ;)
  6. Heather(CA)

    Heather(CA) Approved members

    Jun 18, 2007
    You know it was Leather Hot Kiss that got you curious LOL;)
  7. abacobaby

    abacobaby Approved members

    Feb 19, 2008
    Our oldest daughter's name is Grace...her nicknames are Gracie, G, Sugarbooger....

    Our baby's name is Isabella and we call her Bella, Belly, and Fusspot,lol.
  8. Caynuns mom

    Caynuns mom Approved members

    Apr 14, 2007
    Caynuns nickname is Hurricaynun Just like a hurricane you know he's comming and afterwards he's left a path of destruction!

    My oldest son Rice is nicknamed Ricina because he dressed up in a halter top, mini skirt and heels and pranced around the house acting VERY girly just to make everyone laugh! (it was shortly after my Mil passed away)

    My Darien has several- Bubbles A baby nickname because she blew raspberries all the time, Punkadoodle, missylou I use that one alot, Geek-Dorka for those times she acts like a dork she has even thought about writing a book about her dorkyness and calling it "The Adventures of Geek Dorka"! and last but not least my Husbands nickname for her is Princess.
  9. Mom2Deacon

    Mom2Deacon Approved members

    Jul 28, 2007
    My oldest son, Alex, has Ali for a nickname. We have used it since he was a baby. My MIL hates it since it is a girls name, but Alex has never minded.
    Hawke's nickname is Hawk-a-berry. He recently has told everyone to stop calling him that. He only wants to be called Hawke. BTW, Hawke is not his nickname. It is his name. His full name is Nathaniel Hawke Marion and our last name. When I saw that we were having another boy, I said we are calling him Hawke. When I needed a copy of his birth certificate, the lady there said that everyone loved his name. They thought it was an extraordinary name. (All of my kids have 3 names before our last name. The third name is in remembrance of someone who died. Marion was my grandmother who had T1 diabetes. She died the day before we had Hawke's sonogram.)
    I shortened Sebastian to Sebi. Deacon has many nicknames and one I really need to stop which is The Baby. His others are Rinky-dink, Dink, Binky Boy and Baby-Boo. His brothers have been calling him Deackie for awhile now.

    Last edited: Feb 24, 2008
  10. ScottB

    ScottB Approved members

    May 7, 2007
    My mom started a goofy family tradition when my oldest bro was born. The story goes that she read somewhere that if you name all your son's with their first name starting with the letter J, your children will have good lives so myself along with my 3 older bros first names start with J (Scott is my middle name, John is my first name ...long story) but anyhow most my nephews and nieces first names start with J so we did the same with our boys Justin and Jason. The problem is that to this day we still get their names mixed up when we're calling for one of them. Both names are 2 syllables, start with the letter J and end with N, it's a lot easier to mix the names than you think. They know they're in deep trouble if we call them by both first and middle name like Justin Derek or Jason Michael.
  11. bogusrogus

    bogusrogus Approved members

    Oct 1, 2006
    When Taylor my oldest was little we called her "tater-tot", but now she's almost 14 and it's Taylor. Haley on the other hand is Haley-Bug, but when we talk about her it's "Miss Thang" and we all know who were talking about.
  12. Debbie

    Debbie Approved members

    Mar 22, 2006
    Adyson's real name is Adyson Erin. We call her Ady, Adybelle, or bella. Evan's name is Evan Alexander. We call him Ever, EvanAl, or Snoop. They both like their nicknames.
  13. Madisonsmom

    Madisonsmom Approved members

    Oct 26, 2007
    Madison is Maddie to some people. We call her Mad because when she was little she would get mad at her sister Miranda that Miranda just called her Mad baby so it stuck.

    Miranda is Mirando the Cammando because she liked to head butt everyone when she was young. Her other one is Rande McNally she had a thing with maps.
  14. Deannas mom

    Deannas mom Approved members

    Aug 22, 2006
    DD name is Deanna Kaylee we call her Dee or monkey, my older DD-(non-D) full name is Angelene Nicole. she goes by Angel
  15. Brensdad

    Brensdad Approved members

    Dec 27, 2005
    Emma started calling her big brother Brenden "Bub" some time ago, and that seems to have stuck. We also call him "Bren."

    We sometimes call Emma "Em," but mostly she's just Emma...or "Princess." ;)
  16. Big Hair Momma

    Big Hair Momma Approved members

    Jan 23, 2007
    All of my kids have nicknames.

    Ashton Claire is Dashy or Dashhound.

    Jared Dean is Big J or Dino, mostly dino because he's ornery like Dino the Dinosaur from the Flinstones

    Caleb Daniel is Lubby. The only nickname we're allowed to call him, he gets very upset if anyone calls him anything but his given name or Lubby

    Ethan is E or E-Man, because he might be the littlest, but he's the baddest or at least he thinks so. He'll take all those brothers on. :D

    This is fun. Thanks for posting.
  17. mph

    mph Approved members

    Nov 26, 2007
    Thank you all for sharing! :)

    My other boys will not let me put their nicnames on here. Too humiliating!:D

    Of course my only daughter (Julianna) is Princess and Jewel. Though more like a "Diamond in the Rough" some times!!:eek:
  18. bkfkmc

    bkfkmc Approved members

    Feb 25, 2006
    Our oldest is Braden Reid, which we call Bray-Bray or Brady-Broo
    Middle is Lauren Adriann, which we call Lo Lo
    Youngest in Ansley Michelle, which we call Anzie or Anzie-Poo (My D son also coined her other nickname Anzie cream pie, I don't know why, but it stuck)

    It's funny that now we are going through baby names again, my husband has to say a nick name with each one to see if it will work. I am considering Olivia Kate if the baby is a girl, and my husband said he will call her Ollie K...
  19. MamaC

    MamaC Approved members

    Dec 9, 2006
    Well Jenn will kill me...Sis, Fur, Princess, Soup, Siah, Alaska...she was Sissy to Tom when he was little, Fur is short for Jennifer, Soup is for our last name (her bball coach called her that), Siah is her middle name, and Alaska refers to her geographical dysfunctionality. She was engaging in a soccer drill where she was to be "neutral..." "Oh, you mean like Alaska?" Yeah hon, that would be Switzerland. I still call her that when I REALLY need to get her attention.

    Tom is Tommy to just about everyone, just "T" to me because it's what I yell when he swims. (When they have their heads out of the water for a microsecond ya gotta maximize your audible impact!)

  20. My_Dana

    My_Dana Approved members

    Apr 25, 2006
    Here's our crazy list...

    Funny how we come up with crazy names.

    Officially she is - DANA
    Then came - Dana Burger
    Then a shortened version - Burger
    That evolved to - Dana Burger Meister Burger (from the "Year Without a Santa" movie)

    Then came a slight deviation (from mom) - Sweet Cheeks
    or - Sweet Cheeks Girl

    I think that's all of them.:D

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