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    Feb 7, 2018
    In 2009 I posted my A1c's 1980-2009. That post is in the 'stickies' section of this forum.
    Now I am updating with a graph showing my A1c's 1980-2015.
    A1c's became available in 1976, and my doctor began A1c testing with his diabetes patients in 1980. My A1c's were very high at first, but I had my first glucose meter in 1985, and I found that carbs had very much to do with blood sugar levels. My diabetes management changed dramatically, and my A1c's improved a lot. Fast acting insulin with carb counting in the mid 1990's helped even more.
    I have participated in the Joslin Medalist Study in 2009 and again in 2016. The Study is attempting to find the factors that have enabled so many type 1 individuals in the US to live long lives without any serious diabetes related complications. I was required to provide as many of my A1c's as possible. My doctor pulled many from his files, but there are some missing. The graph gives a good representation of how things have gone for me since 1980. I was diagnosed in 1945, when I was 6. There was no glucose meter for my first 40 years, and I used animal insulin until the mid 1990's. I was very lucky to avoid complications during my early years. Now, in 2018, I have some neuropathy in my feet and legs, but I do not have any other diabetes related complications. I have led a wonderful life with my wife, my two sons, and I have two grandchildren. I am 78 now, and I am expecting many more healthy years.

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