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lows and Portland to Coast walk

Discussion in 'Sports and Athletics' started by blessed, Jul 21, 2010.

  1. blessed

    blessed Approved members

    Mar 2, 2008
    I am on a walk team that is doing the Portland to Coast the end of Aug.
    I reduced my insulin in half. I still struggle with lows usually after intense walking. Is there a special diet I could follow especially days leading up to and the day of the "big" walk. I get so frustrated by this. I attempted to get a pump 3 years ago, but go thyroid cancer instead lol and so they aren't willing to let me even try a pump.
    ANY and all advise is welcome! I am really concerned that I will be low all the time and cannot be eating while trying to walk. It makes me almost vomit! :eek:
  2. coldblood676

    coldblood676 Approved members

    Sep 3, 2008
    For me when i have days when im going to be having a long long long day of exercising i usually have a massive breakfast of low GI food with half my insulin bolus.

    I find that Special K cereal was good for me when i first got diagnosed and i would be doing exercise at school. Look up some Low GI recipes online, some stuff is really really good :)

    But that's only what i do, some people do different things. Just experiment with foods and see how you go.

    - Luke Saunderson
  3. sarahspins

    sarahspins Approved members

    May 5, 2009
    To be honest, I feel that some lows with activity really can't be avoided without adding carbs... reducing insulin alone usually isn't enough for me (if I can manage to avoid lows, my energy is usually completely zapped, which doesn't work either).

    I prefer to drink my carbs rather than eat them in that case.. sipping G2 or similar throughout activity and alternating with water really seems to work best for me.

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